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But it didn't deserve to win that year um capote was nominated capote's a better movie brought back mountains a better movie perfect runs a lot pet project not is a much better movie then crash so that's one there's another example of a of a movie that that shouldn't have won best picture frequency of ninety one seven hundred the phone number have you seen crash israel i haven't i i just remember that year though wasn't it essentially not winning everything but it was nominated for a lot of stuff it was it was a movie of them well it was but you know what i mean free was really i i have to say that i think up a brokeback mountain really had the the most like love going in um and it was it was a genuine surprised when one when crash one like people were really surprised by it when it won 'cause everybody thought brokeback mountain was gonna win and in and on top of that on lee won best director and sometimes that's you know that's an indication of what's going to win like when where when when you can get the best director category that usually is like oh okay well that means it in in that's changed over the years to because when aung lee one everybody was like a well that sick brokeback mountain is gonna win best actor best picture because usually best director goes along with best picture but lately that's not been happening licht the front runner this year of relative the front runner for for best picture is three billboards but martin mcdonough didn't get a directing nomination so you know this this as the same thing that you are in going back to driving this daisy if we were talking about earlier bruce beresford directed driving miss daisy he didn't get a best director nomination oliver stone won that year for born on the fourth of july so sometimes they split up now this year the front runner for best director.

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