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Marks pressure throws over the middle intercepted Penn State. It's tired, brought at the 10 selector P goes in the 14 yard lawn and the Lions happen. There's the final call Steve Jones Liefeld IMG College in a game similar to what we have Find state wins it care Brandel 16 Entertainment. Lots of ineffective offence. Well, we got a 10 3 game claims it is spelled the scoreboard. 908 to go. Georgia, my seven back to Charlotte with the infant Simmons. Barrett Jones here. Is Sean coming. All right, Once four game here, Kevin as you alluded to 10 3, Georgia on top Clemson on the board for the first time tonight after 10 play 82 yard drive. Three minutes and 48 seconds. It ends with a 22 yard bt Potter field goal. So Georgia will get it back. Long way to go 908 left. Simpson avoids the shutout. Last time the Tigers were blank was 2003 by Georgia 32 Nothing, so we'll put that notice side will continue here with Barry Jones and Fitzsimmons, Sean Kelly. At the Big House next week. An arbor, Michigan. Washington at Michigan, Pac 12 Big 10 going at you next Saturday night here, 70,000 plus Full Throat and Bank of America Stadium on a beautiful night in Charlotte Thompson will take it away and Senator the back of the end zones, Georgia We'll resume here on the offensive end. JT Daniels, 20 2700 and 32 Yards has thrown one pick no touchdown passes. Each side offensively, only has three points. It's been a slugfest offensively. I will say. I thought Georgia Really got something going there there. It was two drives ago where they really started running the football of it more effectively, and so Trying to build upon something. But again. You got to take your hat off to this Clemson front. They've done a nice job of Controlling the game and not letting JT Daniels push this football down the field. Not really big plays in the passing game tonight, really? For either team, James Cooking and running back by committee Tonight, 1st and 10 from the Georgia 25 Daniels claps. His hands rose down the right sideline for Mitchell, and he turned around away late. That ball came early and long. Sheridan Jones was in pursuit defensively. That's a freshman right there. He showed it. He he was open. It was man to man coverage. Clinton brought pressure in the middle. Daniels knew he had to get rid of the ball really quickly, so he threw it up. Put some extra air under it. Mitchell never found the ball in the air and to get his head around quickly enough landed innocently at his feet. They've been trying to work on Daniel's getting the ball out quicker. That was just a little cheap. Think Georgia's longest play offensively tonight is a 22 yard run by white off, play action. Throw it on the cross. Iraq caught Thereby Aryan Smith. James Kowski will bring him down as he Drifted across the field near the 31 yard line game of six on the play and bring up Third down here for Georgia and man. Oh, man. Clemson has any momentum from that long drive only getting a few a goal, but they want to hold on to that to stop here. We go a long way in doing so, And there's no doubt this. Is where JT Daniels has got to manage. This came and find a way to pick up the first down any means possible, swing it out to cut off the cats. He is undercut and knocked off his feet by Andrew Booth. He read it perfectly cooked was in the backfield motioned up pre snap to make it a three receivers. Some of that far aside. The loss of three as it was stuff. What a play that time by booth that was designed swing screen out to the left, trying to hit Cook with a full head of steam and get to the edge. But Booth Man. He read it so quickly went right under the block of Burton.

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