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Two hundred pounds of cannabis from a legal operations at city hall chris ancarlo kfi news marijuana regulators in oregon have ordered a pause in new licenses to deal with freefalling pot prices when oregon legalize marijuana the state made it easy for pot growers to get licensed it was meant to curb the black market but now farmers who went legal are losing their businesses the supply glut is making pot little too cheap for comfort and experts say california has a similar legal structure might be headed for similar issues consumer watchdog claims tesla has crossed a line with the marketing of its autopilot option the group says the cars are not fully autonomous and the label is misleading group technology director john simpson claims that has led to fatal crashes tesla's marketing yulon mosques statements and behavior don't give that honest impression of the cars capability he says the feature does not allow drivers to completely checkout consumer watchdog also told the dmv to consider whether the label violates new autonomous vehicle rules andrew mollenbeck kfi news consumer reports has changed its mind about the tesla model three because of a software update consumer reports had declined to recommend the car because it said the model three had the worst braking distance in the industry tesla responded with a software update that consumer reports says shaved off nearly twenty feet the testers say it's the first time they've seen a car improve its performance with a wireless update and an exam by the gynocologist has led to a pain in the purse woman in manhattan who gave one star reviews about the exam on yelp and other sites like it has been hit with a million dollar lawsuit by the doctor michelle levin says her one and only visit to dr june songs practice was for an annual and free checkup last year she says the doctor never gave her a manual exam but did do an ultrasound her insurance was billed more than thirteen hundred bucks and she got a bill for more than four hundred dollars two weeks after she left her negative reviews on all those sites she got hit with a lawsuit for false postings online harassment she says she spent around twenty thousand dollars so far fighting it michael krozier kfi news traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic.

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