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We don't think you can expect is the unexpected. I thought. Every fall. Bankers were just goingto mom from 90 years Were you in attendance and any of those games I was not for a very specific reason. I was a senior in college at the time. And I wanted to come out. My father said Listen, if you want to come out to get you tickets, get your plane everything else. I only had one class. I was way ahead and credits so I only had one class. And if I was going to the World Series, we're going to miss the midterm. I asked the teacher Listen can I can do will make up on the mid term, So I know you got to be here that night. I said All right, then everyone. So I walked out of class at night Now I knew I was going to drop the class and I informed my father of this and he said, Wait a minute. You got one class and you're not going to make it through the class. You going to drop it and have no classes? I said Yes. So why not just take it next semester? And he goes and know your tickets or cancelled Plane tickets? World Series tickets. I was not allowed to go because I was going on his dime. I didn't have my own dime those days, eh? So I kind of shot myself in my foot with my academic standards, So I like you watch the World Series and celebrated. On television, like most of the country. And he went to Detroit. Didn't the 87 Tigers remember the epic collapse between the Bluejays on the Tiger's? He was part of that general manager too, You know, with Kirk Gibson and Jack Morrison. They lost the Minnesota and in the champion's championship serious, but he was one of the architects of the 87 series two. He was a V P. He was the Ah general and you for just one year because their GM I decided to quit in spring training right before the season started. So they didn't see that coming. Did know it was gonna happen, so they had annexed GM on the staff. So they said Go. You've got to take over his general manager. He said. No, thanks. And they said, What do you mean? No, Dave, we're gonna make you the general manager. He said I really don't want to do that anymore. I made more my million dollars agent I like my job, as is So they talked him into it. He said he would do it for one year. He did hey was told that he would be allowed to be in on picking of the next general manager, and his suggestion would be all but assured to get the gig. And in the season ended and the team was sold. So the new ownership came in and said Not only are you going to make the coffin, the new general manager Ah, your services are no longer needed either. So they cleaned house. A lot of people go, but Hey, didn't joy is time in Detroit as well? And he was on the New York Mets organization wasn't from 78 79. He was vice president of the Metro was GM from 75 to 79. That's where he got his first GM. Starting. He was with the match from 62 on their inaugural season and made his way up through the organization until he was named general manager in 75. So he was part of the miracle Mets wasn't in 1969 1969. Now ask me if I was at that one. I sure as heck Woz when Tommy Jones got the fly ball to deep left off the bat of Davey Johnson would have eventually become the Mets manager and win their only other World Series in 1986. I was sitting behind home plate for my father and attempted to run out onto the field. But he grabbed me before I got too far. So it's back into his office for a little campaign for an eight year old kid. It was pretty cool. It was a major upset, too, because Baltimore was very heavily favor. They remind games ahead of the Mets, you know, and after the third team, I thought they were gonna want them. And then the Mets won the next four games. Ripped off foreign around won a World Series..

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