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The moratorium he signed at the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak. Bruce Sawyer is with the Sierra Club, one of the groups advocating for the extension about time in March. Utilities were prohibited from shutting off service for nonpayment. Those protections could lapse on August 1st. If the mark for him is not extended, Sawyer says it could be disastrous for families across the state. If nothing is done, Charlie Harder camo new local police officers fatally shot a suspect last night in that community, second deadly officer involved shooting and barely two weeks A man who died was suspected of slashing car tyres near a Canyon Park area apartment complex. It's unclear what compelled officers to open fire 17 days ago, baffle police officer Jonathan Shoop was Fatally shot during a gunfight with the suspect. Bellevue City, officials say they're community must doom or to confront racism, but at the same time they will prosecute looters. The viewpoints emerged during a virtual state of the city address in comas. Kerwin Hate has more Bellevue was hit with a big city awakening the night of May 31st when a black lives matter protest devolved into vandalism and looting. I think Bellevue lost a little bit of its innocence that that day, Deputy Mayor Jared New in house We need to do more to confront racism head on during an online fireside chat. New in house applauds City government for committing to scrutiny of its police Department for racial bias and making reforms were needed. Then he salutes Bellevue police for aggressively rounding up the May 31st looters. Bellevue Police Department actively gone after a CZ many as possible. In fact, we've already made over 23 arrested eight. And there will be more coming in the days ahead. It's part of an effort to preserve Bellevue's business friendly reputation. Bellevue Still that place that you want to be Corwin Hey HQ.

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