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Time getting your show. That's embarrassing dang. That wasn't travel. He's the problem with american basketball. Though is that we have not. We need to standardize the travel. We need to figure it out. Forget the shock like. That's that's what that feels like. There's a campaign for like college deb. A twenty four second shot clock or we need quarters in college basketball. No do we need one travel. We travel across all the basketball. Then guess what in charge in one travel. We should not use the nba travel because that is preposterous. But anyway jalen green good basketball. I mean at the end of the day though when you watch these games like jalen green seven mobely felt like number. You talked about the detroit that we always have number one number two. If you watch the cavs in the rockets game it felt like it was i in green the number one. Pick verse the number two. Pick mobely in the first half moon. Do they brought from turkey first of all when he goes to the free throw line. He talks to the ball what he's saying. We think it's interrogate. You know we. We have no idea. But anyways that's what he does. He's a great character. He basically pumped pumped mobile mobile in the first half and then in the second half mobely big over him gets his confidence up. I mean kobe alderman the gm for the cavaliers after you know during the middle of the game he's like we just gotta get the ball to evan mobely. That would be great for oftens. Good things happen. I agreed with that mobely to me. You gotta be excited. If you the cavs after watching this game the cavs. I am excited. And then on the flip side. The rockets i mean sin. Goon is unbelievable. I think that he's gonna be a star you know he's someone to watch out for and the green is going to be great. And then guess. What bruce pearl was there and bruce pearl was watching is a coro- who i think she'd be like starting for the cavaliers this year. So if you're watching the cavs you basically get to start to watch starters on your actual team and okoro and evan mobley's so i this felt like the premier game and then we'll talk about the business game but i i want to start with. I feel like the one to pick. If we're doing reg- after you have to start with either jalen greener. Evan mobile those are the actual one two right now after i after one day of summer league does look like the top two picks seriously and even on the night of i mean i. I told you off there. The jalen green had convinced that he was going to be the number pick. You know and he believed he should be the number one pick so he plays that way at ever. Mobely might be traditionally who we expect. We did this draft in one thousand nine hundred five. Evan mobis number one pick you know because big respect that way. so i'm gonna like jalen..

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