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With englebert humperdinck who has got a brand new album out in the celebrating his halfcentury showbiz anniversary the album is titled the man i want to be and it is since ational and we're talking with him and do people such as david who calls in from seattle hello david how are you mr bohannon numerous your humperdinck i good character and cash repair dashing garot mr bohannon are my pit fired here in the newsroom i'm listening to you well we admire shit that thank you here a greater humperdinck i don't know he remember me as a child way back when in the old days my grandfather was our key brochure he was chief of staff to keen l autry back in the old days old like kudzu you go back a little bit i i you know i've made so many people did forgive me if uh if it yeah you know i was young i was young mad at stepped on your brand new shoes that night my my grandfather is not real pleased with me and he wanted a warm my bottom but he did well to you might isn't k united heard here do these don't step on my blue suede shoes it i i what's your requested david were brand new lawyer what your question i believe might my first name is david bright what's your quest to david quite oh my question i'm sorry jam my question is mr humperdinck by memory in a variety show every week on television and write a book about himself because he hasn't missed to be yet his music is distance due today it was back when that's my question to you sir all right a tv show and an autobiography well i did have a tv show but i guess it was a long time ago it's time ahead another one you're right david yeah absolutely you can't have two two two fewer or too many lows all right david very good remember say off of those shoes now you're the luxury kids so you don't have excuse instead of star shoes okay ah let's go to saskatchewan canada out checks in hello al yeah hi i elder opera yeah ukraine or are.

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