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So anytime, you be rob. You're you're excited for you. No matter how how she turns out. But I'm used to be. We always say get fire. The Vanderbilt gets lose your job because that's one thing. 'cause he did not like putting losing Vanderbilt anything. I read the you were in China and say your lawn to wake up for a game. Oh, yeah. Every time. Every time travel overseas. The great thing about this day and age sure able follow your team's wherever you on the world. You know, you're able to go being trying to waking up at three and watch animal games, Australia this year did same thing. So it's it's. Yeah. ES to watch ESPN app has been great for me on their all time. Check, check them out. We read and washed on the tarmac for playing that on Saturdays. And Sundays went west. You know, the first awful not afraid to call our phone out. Check it what. While tournament. Oh, yeah. Attached to dude, that's like a walk in commercial my bosses, they just related that. I mean, I guess to me. So that they know what happens come on. I don't I don't I don't think they'll find you for what the hell. Right. Exactly. But trying to you know, we're football fans day real real Jenner football fans. I think. I think that's absolutely fantastic. Man. I mean, I thought it was like I don't care how many strokes behind you are it's all focusing all tucked in shirts and all that stuff, man. Oh, it you realize that Pat on Saturday Sunday teams plan, you're not afraid to pull header caddy. Hold on your phone for your white into shock. You kill Tom. The whole time. So you'll see what's going game. Guys. It was the Larry's how about how about the fault that brand snicker if he's not playing so great in tournament is checking out the Vanderbilt Commodores, his beloved Vanderbilt Commodores on the links between hosts they're just like us, y'all further all ages Kobe. This is a non paid ad by Brent Senator. Yeah. Completely not mean. And that was the beauty of it. Like it just cracked me up. I was kinda like, wait. What you do? I thought that was fantastic. They're just like us. It's no different than us. All see all he needs a little bit of country music and a cold beer in a console that golf cart. And I'm sure his game. Looks a whole lot like mine does I wish they could ride around and have some cold ones while they're golfing may to we need to have big discussion at some point about the that tiger feel deal the match. Yeah, they need. They need your spruce. It up by spruce it up. I mean, redneck it up a little bit and. Let the good boys out there watching them, and you know, riding around on carts, some beverages have some beer, I love it. It speaking loving it as being a co bear we're going to try something new in the mortgage Miss America podcast. We're going to begin asking. Our interview subjects the Dan lebatardshow poll questions in guys who are fans of Danny, and Stu and the boys know that throughout their show that created a phenomenon with that show. But part of that phenomenon is there po- questions if some random comment comes up they ultimately, quote, put it on the pole, and they put a Twitter poll up and the response is ridiculous. And so we thought it would be funny since we have access to these great athletes or musicians or whomever that we should ask them some of these poll questions and Brandt was our very first victim check it out. Okay, before I get you out of here. Have you ever? Are you aware of the Dan lebatardshow? Of course, I hear I hear you on there all the time. Okay. Very good. So, you know, about their their their daily polls that they do like these spontaneous ran on the polls. Yes. Yes. So as part of my podcast. I'm going to ask you some poll questions you good. Okay. Here. We go. Did you know that your nipples are as unique as your fingerprints? Just not know that nor did I just learned something is the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. The.

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