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Breaking news as it happens you're listening to kevin mccullough radio all right kevin kelly glad you're with us thank you for hanging out i ran across this piece this week in the federalist and am so moved by this for for multiple reasons one is obviously here in new york there are many african american men that are within the sound of my voice there's also one that is regularly in my home my oldest son as adopted and as frequently comes home to to visit dad so there's things that impact the plight of young african american men in this country is just something that i kind of obsess over to the degree that no one else in talk radio even does i don't mind that i think it's helpful because i think that there is hope that can be had for where black men find themselves today but when i found this next piece it really did reinforce some things that i've long thought but now there's a study out that kind of backs it up juliana not rights for the federalist and she reported on this story and the study that was done and she makes her debut appearance with us here kevin mccullough radio juliana it's good have you with us thanks for being here thanks i'm glad to be on so before we get into the nuts and bolts of the study what was it about this story that fascinated you so email chain there regularly sending out events i grew up in the south suburbs chicago i was a minority in my grade school teacher eight growing up and you know you hear a lot about the issues of that community and that kind of is what caught my attention about it well i think that the findings of these scholars is going to be quite interesting but thanks for reporting on it so tell us about the study who authored it and did what what to what degree do they explain why they did it so you had three authors on it right so there's dr w i think bradley wilcox okay dr wendy wang and then dr ronald mincy okay and they all specialize in family studies to some extent and i know dr ronald nsee black man and has black sons and who he could be precarious about their future obviously sure so i think that's what really geared in like pique their interest about it and the money behind it came from the american enterprise institute and the institute for family studies yes i know a little bit about eight but i'm less familiar with the institute for family studies who were they so yeah there i i can't say i know all that much this is my yesterday with my first encounter with them from that breeze experience i get the impression that they promote traditional nuclear family models and watch it just kind of promote that gotcha okay good well i think.

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