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Is this same ghana's so the themes go to firms ervin kagame ghana's lead the themes go to friendsoftotocom the rest of our family but flick says she's humbled by the playing support our fee families received she's asking everyone to let local law enforcement know how much there their appreciated is no explaining the case of a woman who's go refusing the maj to testify niches in a colorado death penalty trial flame is going to fee the colorado court of appeals today greta lynn krantz was paid by taxpayers there to is be an investigator no explaining in the robert ray murder case goulash now natshe he's trying to get the death she was penalty seen overturned and lin feet crowds is being asked to testify but she's in jail because she says it goes against her religious beliefs arapoff kennedy da two george brought there tells cbs 4 she's required by law to testify can you imagine a system work anybody that was served a subpoenaed to testify could simply now get out of testimony we it's not by coming needles to the court and saying i have deeplyheld in a religious strange convictions strange that prevent me from providing testimony in this case to see once the size that happens worked like this glass system is over predictable lindh krantz's a mennonite and says it goes valley against road her beliefs to testify in which he says this statesponsored murder in the at advani texas my colleges fired it's baseball way coach after he rejected a colorado recruit sza over the state's legal marijuana laws texas wells ian president fred slovak was says the program wide is now under investigation by the mai aid the for several violations costa is no longer an employee university from because the city of of angels both business the discriminatory is coast email to coast that was am sent to the recruit with in george colorado noory as which well linda as bolton the i'll a next i hour of course violations will have conversations that occurred on with his linda watch your phone our next calls update with her is at about one thirty just about i'm anything karen trinidad that she's been working koa on newsradio we're gonna come 850 back and continue am this and strange 941 story fm though on coast to coast am the overnight rude words how girls much.

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