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We have posted that for you let's talk to andy hi andy welcome to the program what is that is on your mind andrew well i i called because i had an interesting item it came out of wall okay railroad artifact collector and in this is old in the nineteen fifties i was given a handwritten copy it's not a copy handwritten original telegram signed by william randolph hearst i'll be darn yes now this came out a wall in a railroad depot in southern california that was being dismantled and the gentleman i gave it to me was a bridge and building foreman i'll be other items in there too but this is really quite regional telegram from william randolph hearst we have fifteen seconds just tell us the nature of the telegram well i honestly i really can't 'cause it not where i can get at it okay it's out in a safe but but but but william randolph hearst of of course and simeon fame and the publisher citizen kane that has to be one of the most interesting andy we thank you so much for checking in we have to take a break you sir are in our drawing four on the house smart ball cap of the building headlamp and we wish you all the best in the world i could use it that's andy calling from durango colorado his line is open the number eight hundred seven three seven two four seven four more straight ahead hey.

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