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The only show that matters host gorgeous, George, he's always devious industrially goes are he's co host to my left. It's the fight analyst, Dan, Tom becky's producing Danny auto sought fellas. Hulo Georgia frightening kinda sort of. Yeah. Having to bring our rear ends in in this spot. Yeah. It'll it'll feel like that. No, are we conditioned to feel like that from school? We're all misery. Last weekend. There is no such thing as the whole day off planking out unless you leave the laptop and phone at home, and that just doesn't happen. I know a lot of people that they check out on Thursday. Friday is actually Friday, but I'm checked out by Thursday just coast through Friday. Maybe maybe. So to reiterate, we won't be here. Tomorrow nor Friday. And we won't be here all of next week, except there will be a show on Monday and Tuesday and goes, our do our best provide a video feed that you guys can check out while we do our show at the Sirius XM studios in New York. Junkies. Got your back all week. The news will continue to pour in the guys will be out in Hawaii. Dan, Tom's actually gonna be on Hawaii, Jon Morgan, Kenny. Hathaway pathway is going to be out there. I almost said Bigalow. Kenny bigalow? I wanna call him that now. We call them. Bam. Bam for sure. Well, is it? What kenny? Okay. I've never heard of that name. Right. So. Morgan I think salsa in Toronto. So like, I say, the whole teams hustle and everywhere. We got you UC to thirty-one coverage. We got bell tour to twelve and two three to thirteen coverage. We got Mr. Matt arsenal pie be Milwaukee. That makes sense, right? Yeah. I mean, it's no joke to close at the a lot of cards. So at throwing a lot out you lot of. Daily debates a lot of well those are daily but main event breakdowns coming breakdowns featured match breakdowns just a lot lot happening as we wind down the year. But tomorrow there will be no show. Those breakdowns. I'll be I'll be gone as well from the same times as these guys except working from the other end, whether it's on the ground doing my analysis all those like normal breakdowns are usually get from us. You guys will still get next week. So yeah, George said cool. All right. So there you have it, folks. We have a busy schedule today. We're going to catch up with a guest Luiz rescheduled from yesterday show Lewis Taylor. Josh copeland. Also, join us Nate land where and one champion. Valerie, Lee turno. Alejandro Lara two ladies vital rebel tour. The turnover trying to get her hands on a strap. Copland and Taylor trying to get their hands on a million dollars. So lots going on may still add one more guest. I don't know. But this I thirty forty minutes a pretty wide open eight six six five two two two four six. That's the number to call in. If you wanna chat some mixed martial arts. Imagine they're going to want to. Yeah. And I guess what I want to start off with guys have you seen embedded haven't wanted to start off. Well, there is some news with UFC booking. Greg hardy on the same card as Rachel Oeste vich and that blue Twitter up what happened there did the UFC just not thinking through that was on embedded. No oh. Got you. Dude. I really, okay, man. Neither booked it. And didn't realize it or they booked at someone said, you know, and they said, well, we this is the way we do business. That's got to be impossible. Right. The second one because I was about to say that I've made mistakes like this. Where like we've had a guest on the show. And maybe I've asked a question. And then I thought oh my God. I can't believe I asked the I shouldn't have asked that. Because this and it's just something I had forgotten. So I could see something like that happening. But there's so many people there that somebody could have caught this right and said, wait a minute. This does we maybe we shouldn't do that. And then somebody would have said, you're right. Let's take that apart. Who would have caught it anybody? Right. Like PR department. Somebody like just can't do that man that that just doesn't make much sense. I think maybe it went through three people think so I don't think hardy or Austin pitcher at the level that Dana has to see this through..

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