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Then meet up. With come. Back to Romanticism. Full Circle let's get back to it. Let's come on back to. Yeah. So Yeah Let's talk about Romanticism. and. The alternatives to Romanticism and extensions from Romanticism. So. We are not vilifying romances were not saying, don't do it. We're not saying it's bad. It's evil. Let's talk about how we can start from a position at might encompass a number romantic beliefs and number romantic Tennessee's and how we can extend from that in order to have a more happy life a more gratifying experience with others. And I also like to start before we get into long-term relationship and that is a a person is either between relationships freshly divorced nearly divorced or single, and they might embrace romanticism and they're out there looking. So. I'm a single person and they're. Looking for my soulmate looking for that person to complete me. What I? What would I say to them? What would you do? What are your thoughts on the topic? My thoughts on the topic are. I would say to the. I would say listen to our other phone call. And also listened to. A let how do you pronounce his name? Is it Elaine de Button to Elaine? Elaine depot tone. L. A. N. D. E. B., O. T. T. O. N.. Listen to his stuff on love and it doesn't mean you have to embrace what anybody says wholeheartedly but. If you can consider alternative perspectives. You can put all of the perspectives together and choose what works for you, and the only reason that R- even having this conversation is because Romanticism is working out for people. So my attitude is enjoy all of the great things that there are to enjoy about it because especially when you're in the throes of in the throes of new Romance Romantic thinking and Romanticism and you're feeling all the really good feelings. It feels incredible. It's ecstatic in your body. It's ecstatic in your mind and I wouldn't give that up. I felt it many times and. It feels great but if it feels great and you can just keep an awareness in your mind that I'm drugged. I'm crazy right now and I'm I'm dragged I'm not thinking straight and having these feelings and they're wonderful. But I know that at some point, it's GonNa come back to normal and I need to have some clear thinking. And give myself time to get to know this person and if I want to move in with this person. If you may not want to cohabitate. But if I WANNA cohabitate with this person, do not ignore the practicalities of living together. Don't ignore the practicalities of relationship preferences just because you love somebody that was one of my mistakes is that I thought that because I loved somebody..

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