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Our New York studios with the scoreboard Update scores in progress right now. The National Football League into the third quarter. Baltimore leads Tennessee 21 13 started the fourth Cleveland with 12 7 lead over Philadelphia late third quarter Houston touchdown better than the Patriots. 94 17 and of the third quarter Pittsburgh hanging on to a 17 3 lead over Jacksonville. Meanwhile, late third, Washington leads Cincinnati 79 4th Quarter. Carolina 17. Detroit Nothing. Let's get back to the field with Chris and Brian. Thank you, John Tudor To watch all the excitement the NFL on Fox. Check your local listings for games in times in your area. Catch the NFL on Fox 3 22 to go third quarter in New Orleans. The Saints of 17 9 lead over the Falcons. Falcons take over first of 10 of their own 12 yard line. I formation girlie behind the fullback Heath Smith, Hayden Hearst tight and right one left flowers out of the line and a 14 out to the 15 3 Our pickup for Todd Gurley hard time running the football against his front. Todd Gurley really no room to run. Just credit. The defensive front of the Falcons, owner of the Saints just 40 yards rushing today for Atlanta. There without a touchdown today, three field goals by cool and two of them were over 50 yards 51 yarder to 52 Yards. Ryan under center. Center is Alex Mack takes the snap..

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