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All this vision comes to me, that's not part of the new story. And I I see what's going on. And see what's happening. I just feel him posted. I need to I need to do something need to help. But. He was someone who had helped people and help to find missing people and had some success, but he also had trouble too. I mean, he got involved in this is he's an older guy. Oh is is is dead now. But he got involved in Boston strangler case and Albert desalvo's. It wasn't him. He he he did kill the last woman. But there is more than one person involved in. There is another person that probably killed eleven of them. And but. He was in prison and desalvo came up with this idea with another prisoner to admit it to see if they could get the the the money for the reward money somehow or the family or something. But anyhow both Peter hurt goes and George hardy came up with another person who did the the majority of them. But what happened with George hardy is that he came up with some descriptions that were so detailed about these burgers that hadn't been information that had been released to the public. They turned on him. They thought he was the guy because the the Boston strangler was able to get into the houses and of the single women with without having to break in they let him in. And there was never any struggle. So somehow he like mesmerized them somehow raped them and killed him without any scratches or any. Any sign of a struggle. And all of these cases any you'd he'd take. He would use their own nylon. Stockings. How did you get? How did he how did he do that, you know, and with them not not running around screaming trying to get out over? So they thought this George hardy. He was kind of an amiable guy. Very seriously that maybe he's the strangler. And he's doing the same thing to us as he did to those women just sneaking right into our case. So they turned on him and interrogated him for hours, and then gave him this truth serum with this drug cocktail that really messed them up the rest of his life. I messed up nervous system. And we met him. This was like twenty years after the case he was he was still struggling with results of that was he. Was he regretful? How did how did he react you still doing it? I mean, he's still felt when he saw something on television the news that he should help. And. So he was he was he was still doing it. But he he was still he was angry and about the Boston police how they treat it still felt hurt after all these years that he was trying to help and they turned on him. And you you can't blame them because they don't have that kind of experience. Right. I've always it just seemed like here. This guy is seems like a suspect. Exact I've always told psychics who had worked with police departments. You're going to be looked at as a suspect. Because you're you're gonna you're gonna tell them things if you're a good psychic right only the police. No. Yeah. And the killer. Right. So you gotta be really careful about that. There's also case histories rob of author's writing stories in books like the Oklahoma City bombing like some of them have written about nine eleven that have come true, right? Yeah. There's a number of different stories. There's one about the Titanic that was written that it's the the ship was called the tighten the size of it was very similar to the Titanic. And it hit is in the North Atlantic. Hit an iceberg and sank in a book, right, right? And it was like. I think twelve or fourteen years before it happened really happened. Stay with us. Trish is gonna join us next tryst McGregor as we talk about synchronicity in pre cognition, and then they come back together for phone calls. You get a raise or something. Right. Then how can you afford to drive that huge car? I mean, the gas on a baby must be crazy. I pay less for gas. And everyone else I have the free.

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