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Every day. Don't forget Valley Dairy up north as well. Part of the petrol serve us a family, the home cooking today, beef tips and gravy. Scallop potatoes and ham at the Valley City. Location higher would sausage Potato Fargo 12,000 north Tater Tot hot dish? Let me say that again. Tater Tot hot dish in they know how to make the tater tot hot dish. That Mushi is perfect West Main Avenue, West Fargo. It sells very steak today. Petra. Serve us today. Tell him Scott sent you. Here's the Bad news. John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Has sided with the liberal judges to strike down. Louisiana abortion law. So John Roberts knows better than Louisiana. About how their laws ought to be handled. John Roberts. Were sold as a conservative. Solis, someone that could amazing with that town does do you It's amazing what that time does you I go back to Joe Biden there since 72 He is who he is because of the fact he's been there that long. Same thing here. Just ridiculous. I was worried about this one is supposed to be last week, and then they postpone it a week and Very good test of where they're at. And folks we have more work to do. Donald Trump. Saved us from a disaster. On the on the Supreme Court. If you like Donald Trump. You get that If you don't like Donald Trump, you should get that You should still be In his camp vote for him because of that Supreme court because the other side If they get done. America As we know it will cease to exist. You can't take the constitution of the United States and shred it decision after decision without it, ultimately bringing us to our knees. As a country. Now John Roberts. Joining the liberal side means we have more to do. Donald Trump must be re elected. And I'll leave you a little bit of good news before I get back to the calls. This probably assures his re election. Because the poor life community is very, very Politically engaged. They're active. They're bold. They're out there and I count myself among them. Is what's more important than life. Jim and Bismarck. What's on your Good morning, gentlemen. I just wanna bring up the fact that I might have my dates wrong, but In 1933 A gentlemen send people out in the streets to riot put fear among people in hopes of getting power. And that gentlemen was Adolf Hitler. And we all know the history of after he got power. That's exactly what they're trying to do right now. Replay that whole scenario. Again, it would It would do everybody well to understand history and and put it to a current parallels. And by the way, you Khun, go back even further than Hitler. You could you could grab the good book. And Great. Story ever written. Many of the same perils there a lot of lessons. There are a lot of ways to avoid things. Same thing right there in the Bible. Taking a page? No, thanks. Jim Welch had faith in Starbuck, Minnesota. Hello. How are you today? Oh, good. You're still that little dairy Queen Starbuck on the road. You still have that little dairy Queen and Starbuck right on the main road there. Yes, there is. Yes, there is currently under somewhat of reconstruction in my safe the construction to revamp the town a little bit the same way that Glen would then And so we're getting through that one day at a time with regard to is the restaurant open innocents and that cracker open, But if anybody ever Pass some time, and we're almost done with that part. They should come on down Where? The Nutcracker It's Christmas. Every day. I realize what I asked because I love it like quite a commercial ight. Starbuck is very, very special to me. I grew up on me like men, Alaska and I have probably had more ice cream cones at that dairy queen. Any worry on the planet. We have those cute little things that very clean over by hobo Park over there and You know, in the Marina is and stuff, So there's quite a bit and we have a little airport here. So if you're short on time you just fly in. Wait. What? Todd Mitchell status. I should have a plain human rushed a little bit on that. But your body I was calling because you you were talking About black lives matter. And I grew up in Chicago a long time ago. Way before your time. And I want to tell you that black lives matter is not a new thing. They're pushing it. After everything happens to a black person, However, it's a mark that known Marxist organization and it really started getting its roots in and digging in and that with Malcolm X. And the black lives matter, along with the stuff that you're talking about with the Supreme Court in the decisions on what would happen if President Trump didn't get in is leveraged. To do what the radical Islamic movement promised stuff in the Obama administration. And what that wass they promised US seven times the Holocaust in an almost bloodless war. And they've been working toward that goal. Marxism is the aggressive part of like a communist arm. It's like the other part of that, so you can talk till hell freezes over. It's the same way. That President Trump is having that the issue with the people saying Wait, I'm doing this. I'm doing that and everybody keeps going after him from the other side, trying to take him down when the rest of us can see. Wait. There's all this good going on. That's because we're coming from the idea that we're supposed to support the Constitution of the United States. And yes, we have the Constitution of the United States. But we had banned before President Trump electing people who do not support that. What was Obama's promise to us when he first got in? It's the only one he kept. He said. I will give you a new America. And by golly, he is transforming the promise to transplant the oak too. I'm no. You're exactly what I said. He promised to transform America and you're exactly right that there was He tried. He delivered in in some ways he did, and faith to your words are very, very profound as it pertains to paying attention to the founding of the roots of black lives matter, because they can call it what it wants a brand now, but it has Marxist roots. That's how we started. And you know what? There's a lot of parallels like that. You don't plan Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger and they try.

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