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Get in our bias centric computer screens and mentioning Allen's love for carpentry. It reminds me of what if I read Philip glass's autobiography, it blew my mind that he talked about in the 50s and the 60s, and even into the 70s, he was still in New York, just like living in a little, you know, a little like room that was almost like a warehouse that wasn't finished that didn't even have like a sink or something like that in Manhattan and was doing plumbing and boiling lead to poor toilet seals all day and then he would go like write music for two hours. And he was like driving it taxi and doing plumbing while he was writing his first opera. I couldn't believe that that was just still grinding like that. And it was just such a, it was so cool to see that. But it speaks to, as you said, being able to connect with the actual world. And shockingly, now whenever everyone's so anxious and freaked out, typically, you look at what would the advice that a lot of therapists have and they say, get your hands busy when you're feeling overwhelmed with freaked out, go garden, go tend to something, to realign your connection and your balance with what's right in front of you. Yeah, tend to something that's beautiful. Yeah. Yeah, that's really beautiful. You know, I was saying earlier that I think, you know, we have this interference pattern that sort of cycles between the brain and the throat. And all of these activities get us into our whole body. Yoga is a wonderful thing. But I think that when you get out, I love personally writing bicycles. I love to explore and poke into these places. I got a bike for the beach, a bike for the mountains. And it's just so engaging. You're out there, you're breathing, you're pedaling, you're guiding your exploring..

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