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Entertained, these architectural eccentricities fit perfectly with the enigmatic image that LeVine was attempting to. Cultivate, the first thing Anton did after moving in was to paint the house black on Halloween in nineteen fifty six Anton and his wife Carol through a midnight party to show off their new home in style from this day forward. It became known as the black house ten years later. This would be the birthplace of the first organized church in modern times to be devoted to Satan in the late. Fifties a crowded influential and eccentric people were beginning to gather around Anton la- pay they were grateful to have a place where they could share icon classic interests and hobbies with like minded individuals. They included underground experimental filmmaker, Kenneth anger, novelist. Stephen Schneck wealthy investor Donald Worby and Danish Baroness Carin depletion to name. But a few all of them were drawn to Anton scattering 's because of his growing reputation as San Francisco's black magician. It's extraordinarily group of people who soc. Realized at the black house on Friday evenings came to be known as the magic circle each member. Wore a trapezoid surrounded by a bat. Winged demon that could be removed to reveal an inverted pentagram design underneath Anton was beginning to assemble his followers. During the time. He was developing. His magic circle Anton had maintained a job playing music at MAURICE point a restaurant. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean one Sunday night in nineteen fifty nine a young woman came in who would go on to play a very important role in Anton life. Her name. Was Diane Hegarty a beautiful seventeen year old girl with long, blonde hair and green eyes. She worked as an usher at at the nearby Seaview theater that night she was on a date with her manager from the theater, however when Anton came to their table and regale them with stories of ghost hunting. Diane could not hide her enthusiasm. She returned to Moore's points. Several more times to see Anton and eventually began a relationship with him over the coming months. Anton spent as much free time as he could with Thanh since he was still married to Carol Anton was forced to sneak Diane out through the secret passages of the house and. Then smuggle her into the trunk of his car. Anton was quickly falling for Diane, primarily due to her unbridled devotion unquestioning support of all he was doing in one thousand nine hundred sixty Anton divorced CARA Lansing. So he could be with Diane. While Diane Hegarty never married. Anton low-pay she would mother his second daughter Zina Galilea Shrek in nineteen sixty three with Diane is his new hostess, Anton magic circle meetings were picking up steam at first. There was no said I tin ary and conversations flowed freely over cocktails accompanied by Anton or another member of the group playing a Hammond or piano in the corner, these meetings quickly gained legendary status in San Francisco at this point Anton begun, giving more formalized seminars and opening them to the public charging two dollars and fifty cents a head to hear him speak about fortune telling and character analysis or love potions and monkey glands vampires. Where will freaks a monkey ally bondage and torture moon madness? It was a veritable smorgasbord of the weird the forbidden and the occult people would spill over to the stairway outside and listen to the windows. It's likely that Anton relished every moment of this adulation, according to psychology today narcissists have an unquenchable desire for admirations and worship Anton clearly wanted to be the center of attention..

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