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Pipers of the world don't have a guy on your big board and then they get drafted in the middle rounds we had to we covered the draft every pick live we had a stream on facebook and youtube in our app there were two players two hundred fifty six and i actually didn't have ranked at all so yeah the kid that you're talking about the linebacker he was like considered a late round pick for me and and they they drafted earlier than that and that does happen and and it i think it becomes very situational so like i'm setting a four hundred player board that's generic the chicago bears are setting one that's specific to their needs the types of players that they need and this year's linebacker classes not good so after the roquan smith and trained admins late vendor shaun evans come off the board this top four guys go in the first round after that there was this massive drop off and so with the bears defense they run they really had to be specific about the kind of players that they want to draft in it it can sometimes calls like what what i would say is reach but for them it's scheme specific and the players are fit so you have to go get him was danny appaling the quarterback from lsu because that was the one that twitter blew up it's an how how how the hell's this guy get drafted he was on the board i was shocked i had for sure but that's the patriots for man they always do that they they take these random guys and not that great i mean we started lsu but they take these players that don't wanna expects to be drafted as early as they are and bella checks like yeah let's let's take a flyer on this kid and i you know sometimes it works and you get tom brady sometimes it happens if they draft you know jordan richardson stanford the second round and he's probably never played a snap since so i i honestly think that's gonna be a fun thing to look back on the checks career of the fact that he just actually was not a good general manager he's just a great coach and he's able to cover it up i like that.

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