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On WNYC AM, FM, New York. Hello, welcome back to the fort show on the BBC World Service with me, Ben Carter, and with me Beth and head coming up counting the death toll after a natural disaster. Why the stakes are so high when politics gets in the way plus feminists mothers, bringing up sons how come they influence their attitudes towards women? That's all coming up in a moment. But fast summary of the latest world news. BBC news Fiona McDonald, President Trump has hinted he could withdraw support for his nominee to sit on America's highest court depending on how he responds to questioning about alleged sexual misconduct. Brett Cavagnaud denies any wrongdoing and one of his accusers. Christine Blasi Ford will give evidence to a committee of senators leader on Thursday. China has rejected the charge made by President Trump that Beijing is interfering in November's midterm elections in the United States. This Trump said China didn't want his Republican party to win because his administration was challenging China on trade. President Trump has said that he doesn't have a timeframe for North Korea to dispose of its nuclear weapons. He added that sanctions had to remain in please to keep pressure on the regime. The International Monetary Fund is agreed to provide a bigger faster be like to Argentina it will boost it three year financing package. Seven billion dollars to fifty seven billion. The move comes as Argentina faces a budget deficit and economic crisis. Tribunal in Guatemala's ruled that the killing of seventeen hundred XL Mayans in the early nineteen eighties amounted to genocide acquitted juicy Marie shooter three the head of military intelligence under the dictatorship of general Rios Montt. Human Rights Watch as accused Iraq's military and security forces of carrying the forcible disappearance of dozens of men and boys most of whom were Sunni Muslims. The rights group says it has documented seventy eight cases detain between April twenty fourteen to over twenty seventeen the Broadcasting Corporation has resigned following allegations of political interference, Justin Milne resigned. From the national broadcaster amid reports he had asked for journalists to be fired because the reporting was disliked by the Australian government. BBC news..

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