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I thought I was gonna be. I'll say that yeah, and makes and makes the makes The bears look like they overpaid a little bit. But you overpaid for the context of who? The Who? The players you're moving up for. Yep. On DNO because the Jets of the team that moved up here the door's wide open for the Patriots to pick Mack Jones of 15. If that's who they want to go with, and I think Would predict that's what they're gonna do. I think the next two picks they're going to be the Jets taking the linebacker here and then New England is going to take Matt Jones. And if you told me that the beginning of the day, the New England's gonna end up with Mac Jones, I would've signed on the dotted line. I think I would have to. He's a good quarterback prospect. I think he is getting I think he's become underrated because of how much I think it got over inflated because everyone was talking about him in the context of being the third overall pick, which he was not deserving of, But I do think he's a first round candidate. I think Matt Waldman from Ricky Scouting portfolio is one guy that really Really, I thought was very smart on Matt Jones that like he's very technical. He's got great command of the offense. He's accurate. He does have a bigger arm and you would think, But I was very afraid of the Patriots ending up with Justin Fields or Trey Lance at the beginning of today, and for them to be sitting here and looking at Mac Jones. That's a win for the rest of the FCS. Yeah, from the sounds of it. It sounds like it's Elijah. Very Tucker here for the new For the New York Jets at number 14. They get the top interior offensive lineman in the draft, and I just wonder. You know, trading up and moving those picks when you probably could have gotten a starting caliber tackle in the second round. Um and you could have taken running back at 23. You could have taken another starting caliber tackle. A 23 moved back at yourself a starting caliber guard in the second or third round with Creed. Humphrey. Orlando Dickerson. I don't I don't This is a large very Tucker was by far the best interior offensive lineman in this draft. Um Okay, so they get 1 43, so the Jets actually end up trading 23. What are the Vikings doing? They traded down nine spots for a third order. They got to two thirds. That Zoe, That sounds actually a little bit better for the for the Jets. I don't like that for the Vikings at all. I don't see that. I don't really see the you go to nine spots for two third round picks. That's that's a head scratcher. I mean, it's not. It's not nothing but I would have made that trade. If I were in Minnesota. They just must must not have liked anybody that was on the board for them. I don't know what Minnesota was really looking for in terms of their needs, but You know, not not that bad for the Jets if they're only coming up to third round picks. Yeah, and safety should have been an interesting part of the I think defensive back. Maybe the Jets would have liked the defensive back in this position. Maybe they would have liked edge. But listen, I think at the end of the day, any time you can get the drafts top interior offensive lineman to match up on the left side with Mukai Bactine. I mean, they've got a really nice left side of that offensive line in New York. Now for Zach Wilson. The question is, Can they get the weapon for Zach Wilson in the second round, which will talk about? I'm sure at some point tonight, but we'll have lots of time tomorrow to talk about, Um, for the Jets, you know, can they surround Zach Wilson? And I think we're about ready to, uh, to bring you this pig. So what? We'll get a ding here in a moment when the pick is up. Roger Goodell's walking up on the stage but hugging a lot of players. Dr. Huggins back's been vaccinated. The Michael Parsons hug was definitely the most awkward so far. Right, and the Jets are up to the New York Jets. With the 14th pick in the 2021 NFL draft. The New York Jets select Elijah Vera Tucker. Lord. USC. So it's official. The Jets take us sees Elijah Vera Tucker and you know, as we've been kind of talking about the best interior offensive lineman in this draft, um and you know, I think if you're the Jets, you've got to feel really good about what you've been able to accomplish in two years since Joe Douglas has taken over for the general manager. Obviously this offseason, they go out to get Carl loss and I really liked what they did going out and getting Corey Davis to match with memes and some of the other pieces they have in that offense, and we'll see if this is enough to really say Round him with the talent needs. I'm those third round picks when you look back could have likely been used on a another offensive lineman. Other starting caliber offensive lineman somebody on the right side of that offensive line for the Jets. Maybe that's Running back. Maybe that's a wide receiver. Maybe that's one of these tight ends. Brevin Jordan. Maybe that's Tommy tremble s O you know, thinking about how much the Jets gave up. I think it's a good trade for the Jets, but I think you know they need pieces. So I don't really love the trade up for the Jets. For from the perspective that I think they just need a lot of things, including defense than in more offensive linemen. They need weapons. Need running back, So you know, it's a good It's a good overall pick for the Jets, but I think they paid a pretty heavy price for it. I think this pick has some impact on the bills that I'm thinking off. There was that rumor. I'm not sure how much I want to believe it. But that rumor from Todd McShay earlier in the week that the bills were looking to move up ahead of the Jets, the Steelers, the Jaguars and the Jets. For Travis et on the running back. And because the Jets are moving up here for a guard there, obviously now out of that game for the first round running back, everyone is saying that nausea Harris is going to be the guy for Pittsburgh at 24. I think Jacksonville is in play for Travis Ctn. That's 25. I think I don't get it. I think that is a super sneaky in play pick for Jackson, right? I don't know if I would wanna bet on it. That would be the one team. Between here and buffalo. That would go Travis Ctn, but otherwise the Jets moving out there, I think clears the way for the bills to pick Travis ET and a 30 if they want to do that. Could be a surprise team here. Arizona's up next and it's a little early for ET en and they did decide James Connor, but James Connor and Chase Edmunds said Connor isn't stop it. James Connor, Timmy is what Matt Brita is for the bills. It's not stopping you from doing anything, and we obviously have New England up on the board here and with the 15th overall pick, I think every sign is pointing to Mack Jones. For this pick the Patriots end up stand standing Pat. They don't move up for one of the quarterbacks, and they end up getting one of the top five guys to sort of fall to them at 15. Obviously, for all of us here, we were really hoping that Justin Fields didn't follow the spot, and luckily for bills fans tonight for the purposes of our sanity. Um, that didn't happen. The Chicago Bears they traded up. They treated the 2022 1st round pick and the 20th overall pick to move up for that Justin Fields picking 11, But I should move aside now because it looks like we've got our man Roger Goodell, who is announcing the 15th overall pick from the New England Patriots. With food insecurity, a challenge for.

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