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Gloria Steinem, you are an activist and author and one of the truly truly the greatest feminists of all time, and it's an honor to have you here at the Iowa. Caucus thank you for joining me. It's a great honor to hear you say that, but I am not the greatest feminist. I'm very lucky because I get to do what I love in really care about and that's a gift. It is indeed and I think what I have grown to find some inspiring about you in my own work is not only the way that you make sure to send to the work of other people the way that you that you are fallible and you will apologize fuel mistakes or the things that you do not yet know you were always open to learning I mean even when we sat down together at the hotel, I moderated your book launch. She were talking to me about how during the audience. You hope to learn from the audience This gift of the discussion time after any lecture or any talking circle. It's a gift. I. Mean we don't learn from Sameness, we don't learn from Echo Chamber while we're talking we learn while we're listening. Yeah absolutely, and also sustained devotion to the cause that I think makes you so inspiring to me because. I can say now for my experience of offended activist for about fourteen years but it's really been the last three years that I've been in the middle of mainstream scrutiny an it is a very exhausting and taxing existence. It's one hundred percent worth it hundred and ten percent worth it, and it's not it's vital and it feels like more of A. Duty Than anything else but it is exhausting I. Don't know how the fuck. Lewis. Disagree. It's exhausting but I think it does get a little better because. People believe you more as you continue to be in the same place if you know what I mean yeah. So or maybe you just wear them down I don't know. But I I do think that trust is a very important. Feeling and when you've been consistent for quite a long time, people are more likely to trust you And I know that people doubted you a lot especially in the beginning and sometimes people would say that you had to attractive to possibly be allowed to engage in feminist discussion and well the the hurtful thing was that I was only being successful or recognized to the degree that I was because of my looks. But if you hang in there long enough you get old and then they can't say that anymore. I mean. I still look blood. Great. But I do hear what you're saying I. Think it's also. Because they can't kill US anymore. They like to discredit us, and that seems to be the weapon used against women. Now, it's more incendiary there. There was one woman I remember who stood up in an audience and kind of saved my life vice saying it's important that somebody who can win the game and win says the game isn't worth Shit I said Oh thank you. Now I have. A function Oh. That's great. I. Love Their. Well..

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