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Hey, it's that you're listening to disgrace land. You also knew that. So I know that you have discerning case in podcasts. And I want to recommend another one. It's a music documentary show from the great KCRW called loss notes in its second season music, journalist, Jessica hopper unearth. Some of the greatest music stories never told fans can learn about the pioneers, Suzanne shiong the woman behind David boies favorite rock band. Fanny and how powers two thousand six album league greatest may have saved one fans. Crazy fine loss notes. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Wanted to give you a quick heads up. The disgrace San live at Sinclair Cambridge mass on may tenth about sell out last. I checked there were less than fifty tickets lifts. So if you planning on attending, I sincerely hope you are head over to disgrace them pod dot com slash tour. Buyer tickets today disgrace him lives coming to Denver may twenty fifth to the gothic theatre. Tickets are moving in our vailable for purchase at disgrace land, pod dot com slash tour. Disgrace them will also be in San Francisco, June twenty-first, twenty thirty at comedy central's cluster fest appearing along with Amy Poehler, John Mullany roots my favorite murder, Courtney Burnett. Dan, band, girl, talk, Colin Jost, and many many others? This lineup is insane in the festival's can be a blast. So if you haven't already head over to disgrace land, pod dot com slash toward grab your tickets. And I'll see out there rock'n'roll. Scrapes land is a production of I heart radio, double Elvis media. Stories about Amy winus. She drinker wheat and alcohol. Brazenly hit on Prince Harry tied herself off to mainline more heroin than nineteen seventy six Keith Richards in tight herself to a boy named Blake who is the baddest of bad influences. Amy was also at times inspired most always musically speaking, at least inspiring in Amy wino- made great music that music. You heard at the top of the show that wasn't great music. That was a preset loop from my mellow. John called mellow Tango flash flash flash. Vk one I've played you that loop because I can't afford the license for sexy back by Justin Timberlake. And why would I play that specific slice of rapture inspired cheese? Could I afford it? Because that was the number one song in America on October twenty seven two thousand six and that was the day the Amy wino- us released back to. Black her smash second album and album that would skyrocket. Her superstardom. Make your an easy Merck for both the 'paparazzi and her demons a suffocating reality. That would kill the very thing inside of her the pushed to make music in the first place on this episode, a mellow ting electro cheese, a fleeting muse and Amy winus. I'm Jay Brennan. This screen. Eyes were open as she walked down the sidewalk, Jason Kim, Gordon square. But they were far away distant they may as well have been closed AB wine. I saw none of the chaos around her as she made her way down the London street from Holly arms, her local to her flat around the way, the cameras there flash the intrusive. Shouts for members of the 'paparazzi in their commands. Do this don't do that house reg when was last time he saw Blake. When are we getting new music to Amy it was white noise as disruptive as it was she could no longer. Register. She walked down the street and affect her thousand euros junkie stare. It wasn't difficult. She done her time the shooting gallery, even shoes off smack in even as she was drunk. She knew how to project the gays Amy would trigger self in thinking about something else music. Always she watch her voice as sound of it. Was a physical thing that could be tracked visually. Amy would a melody sometimes one of her own something she was working these days. It was usually a classic from the torch song from one of the jazz greats. She admired and studied Sarah von Tony Bennett. Amey would imagine that melody passing over her lips and rising up into the sky loading freely. Limitations cruel world, it would move with ease around the clouds from left to right linking and sliding imagine. Bars of some cosmic scale, a sonic manifestation of emotion. Welling up inside a heavily mascara vision board one of those transparent acetate sheets music school. Teachers place on old new foil projectors layered over the reality of the unwanted fame than complicated. Her world the same world, she tottered through alternately out of forage heels and bloody ballerina shoes. Simpler times school was out. Reality is in and it was a mind fuck of the highest order celebrity was a twenty four seven invasion. It scared away the muse before success. The muse was like desperate bar back last call just they're eager in easy. But after success, the muse became allusive every so often Amy would corner of amusing when she did she'd rapper tattooed fingers around his throat push his chin up in a way that gave her access to the part of the neck below the crux of the job just under the ear. She'd press her lips to his tight skin, and like vampire litter hot breath, penetrate, the moment, she could feel the muse giving into her sliding one hand to the small of her back palm her head with the other pressing the tips of his fingers to massage your scalp, gently while she moved her lips and tongue about his neck when the sweat started. She knew he was hers her heart would swell. She could feel ourselves smile. Aisling laughing swooning inside feeling that old feeling inspired. Celebrate Tori in need of a drink. She turned to the bar for quick pull on her pipe and then back to the muse he'd be gone. In his place. The lead of thousand Suns flashing popping interface lining, pushing your blood devotional ratcheting up or Zayed's backing into a corner leaving little room to think to create feel to love. So citing your songs across the sky was tactic defense mechanism away to block out the paparazzi in a way to stay rooted in creativity. Sometimes it worked most times it didn't today was working. So Amy was happy arise smile turning up. The ends of her lips as she walked on by. And the Camden summer air cooled or skin and the bustle of early evening was kicking in time for Amy that had home from the pub nighttime was not the right time. Not for Amy too much temptation to slippery slope wasn't always this way. Though. Amy wine was used to own Camden, nightlife and her own couldn't care less kind of way. Candid, nightlife itself was a different thing. Then as well. It was the epicenter of cool. The north west London neighborhood with its markets record stores and bookshops was home to a bar called the and the hosted a party on Monday nights called trash Earl Alkan visionary DJ host to lodge trash revolutionize the UK nightclub scene with John defying music, he spun and the performers he booked trash propelled, British club culture beyond tired Britpop. And it's where those two star crossed lovers electric. Tar in the big beat the slutty electron electric big finally said fuck it jumped in the sack together club's demise is too close in the rear view. But in years to come music nerds who write about this sort of thing? We'll come to recognize the trash was influential as not as it CBGB's velvet rope line studio fifty four in the early two thousands electric music was no longer lane. More precisely its offshoot electro clash was the height of cool. If you're one of those people who drum machines pre. Programmed retrigger drums, had quote, unquote, no soul. You're either old out of touch. If you were lucky enough to make it past the fashion police door to trash on the Monday night. What you found riding on the dance floor to the angular guitars and filthy beats the raptures house of jealous lovers LCD sound systems, losing my hedge was a sound of the new millennium in urging sexier rock and roll the embodiment soul. A gym dance course stone sauced sweaty sexy. Twentysomethings some of were about to write future pot. Trash was basically over hersal space liberties scruffy, London. Indie band that find rock and roll for large swath of British acts like the strokes kings of Leon white stripes, peaches and star making DJ on the make Mark Ronson all hung out at trash all artists whose influence is felt widely. Today's pop music as I write this the morning after the sixty first annual Grammy awards, Mark Ronson and Anthony Ross Mondo the touring Ivars to replace thirty liberties are busy sleeping off the high winning the Grammy award for best song for lady Gaga shallow. How's that for influence? Also in the crowded trash on the regular, Amy wine house. She could be seeing crushed up against the stage of early libertine performances at trash and trashes promiscuous air genre. Bending music programming can be heard on her Mark Ronson co-produce second album. And of course, trash is where she met Blake Blake fielder. There. Love was instant hot impassioned. And like most of what would come to define their future relationship illicit, Amy and Blake we're both seeing the people, but significant others could not significantly tamp down lust for one another. It was all consuming and for Amy inspiring. Blake was amused. The love he brought to the party was compelling the drugs brought to the party where another story entirely coke speed pills heroin and crack were all in play and they played against Amy's inspiration. Her demons always just touch below the surface where easily called into. Action to speed her descent into the grimy addictive underground that a new boyfriend traffic Blake fielder mover shaker drama, maker, roving gambler with the rambling tongue in the faraway is thief junkie the future, Mr. Amy line house. Who

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