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Welcome to the midst legends and fairy tales of India podcast. We would bring to you amazing stories from India. These are timeless stories that are brought to you in a new of that by Kamarck she media. Loving leli bought one. King king Dunton who had a great many rupees and soldiers and horses. He had also an only son called prince Kumar who was a handsome boy with white teeth. Red lips, blue eyes, red cheeks, red hair, and a white skin. This boy was very fond of playing with the us son Hussein Muhammed in king Dundas garden, which was huge and full of delicious fruits and flowers entries. They used to take their little knives there and cut the fruits and eat them giving than the headed teacher for them to teach them to read and write one d, prince commod set to his father Hussein Mohamed, and I should like to go and hunt. His father said the might go, so they got ready the horses and all else they wanted for the hunting and went to a photo of country hunting all the way. But they only found Jacobus and buds. The Raja of that country was called moon suqa-dayah, and he had a daughter named Lillie who was very beautiful. She had Brown eyes and black hair one night sometime before prince Kumar, Kim to her father's kingdom as she slept Qiamuddin angel in the form of a man who told her that she should Mattie prince Kumar and no one else, and that this was could us command to her when Lally will. She told her father of the angels visit. To her as she slept, but her father be no attention to her story. From that time, she began repeating Kuma Kumaon I won't come out and would see nothing else even as she said in eight, oh food. She gets saying Gaumont Gaumont. come on. I won't Kumar her father used to get quite vexed with her. Who is this? D'amoto? Whoever hard of this model. He's the man. I am to marry, Mattie, no one, but come on said Lilly. And she was half mad. Meanwhile, Kumaon and Hussain Muhammed game to hunt in the fall of country in as they were writing about Lally came out on her horse and behind them all the time. She kept saying, come on, come on. I want commod the pins hold her Antonio drowned who is calling me. He lost at this lonely. Looked at him in the moment. She saw him. She fell deeply in love with him and she said to herself, I'm sure this. This is the prince Kumar that I am to marry and she went home to her father and said, father, I wished to marry the prince who has come to your kingdom for I know he is the prince Kumara to Mattie ready bell. Oh, you shall have him for your husband. Said moon sucre. We will ask him tomorrow. Leli consented to wait. Although she was very impatient as it happened, the prince left far away kingdom that night. And when Lee hard he was gone. She went quite mad. She would not listen to a word her father or the mother, all the solvents said to her, but went off into the jungle and wondered from jungle two jungle. Did she got farther and farther away from her own country all the time. She kept saying Kumaon Kumaon I want command in. So she wondered about for twelve years. At the end of the twelve years, she met a kid. He was really an angel, but she did not know this and he asked her, why do you always see command Kumar? I won't come on. She answered I am the daughter of the king of the fodder. We country and I want to find plan Kumar. Tell me where his kingdom is. I think you will never get there said the funky forest..

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