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Would place them in the play in tournament to the playoffs if they can't climb into it, least sixth. Adam Kaufman, WBC Since news radio. It's 8 43, and it is ugly on the roadways this morning. Let's check in again with Lori Grandee and the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Oh, yeah. Big troubles out there. First off in Bill Rika. There's an overturned a box truck. This is on Route three south on right at route 1 29. The left and center lanes are blocked right there. Again. This is Bill Rika. Overturned box strike Only the far right hand lane is getting past at route 1 29, but a tough right on Route three this morning. In fact, it is still very heavy. Getting onto 1 28 in Burlington 1. 28 itself is slow through Peabody North, bound between 95 Lowell Street. Watch out for delays is still not the pikeys found to do a left lane disabled vehicle right by route 30 in Natick. Now, the earlier crash we had inside the Ted Williams Tunnel has cleared. A traffic continues to be real slow going on 93 sap on from Bedford Square to the lever connector, which is tied up end to end getting onto store or drive. Watch out for delays as wealthy entrance to the Sumner Tunnel. Traffic continues to be slow on the Tobin Bridge between Carter Street and the Lever connector long, slow ride there on the Tobin this morning. Unfortunately, traffic continues to be slow a swell on 95 because of an earlier problem we had was a crash. In Denham. That's long gone, but really, it is tough from 93 getting onto getting to 109 there in Canton or getting through Canton and onto 109. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three. It's still raining here in Boston, Get a couple of hours to go before this system finally begins to pull away from us just 49 degrees right now, occasional rain throughout the day and high in the low fifties Live Local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Should be mostly dry. If you're headed to Fenway Park tonight, we.

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