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It as you'd better not of take me colmey colmey took it as you better not of cape may trump how about nobody got take put that right there how about them apple of all the apples right there that stem their apples a four four t h at eight four four three four 424 23 jeev at the joe dot com i love out trump they're they've got this breaking news on cnn trump says colmey is lying calls them a leaker well here's the leaker i mean he readily admit he leaked right i mean isn't the knee readily admit that he was the one who leaked that stuff i think so i mean last time i checked he was the one who had the memos and then he was the one who decided that he needed to take those memos and given to a pow that might prompt the appointment of a special council and so i asked a close friend of mine to do it so you leak right that's not ally so that's and as far as being a liar again i don't think either of them are not telling the truth oh i mean i think both of them see things that a different way and i think both of whom their minds feel that there's the truth but there is still no they're they're no matter how much the media wanted about how much the the left wanted no matter how many there is no they're they're in to the point where you can go out impeach it now unless they uncover something that that has not been discovered they turnover some brock that has not been turn and over and they find something that is just damning based on the stuff that's out there at this moment at this time with all that we know right now let's get on whether it's as simple as that let's get on with our life nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that and this is what trump nathan let it die let it go try to get through the things out there that people want.

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