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You back. Don't send your kids back to school, send them forward at Staples. The working and learning store married upon the W two B traffic. Let's get the forecast, with storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. We're in this typical summertime pattern. Temperatures are going to continue to rise into the mid to upper 80s today. That is just a smidge below normal average temperature for this time of year 90°. Spent partly sunny skies as we go through the day today, showers and thunderstorms expected this afternoon a little bit more widespread than what we've experienced over the last couple of days. Some of those storms could bring damaging wind gusts. Maybe even some hail and some heavy rain. Same deal tomorrow, hot humid, showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and some even into the first part of the overnight hours. And once again, we're gonna have to worry about damaging winds and heavy rain for your Sunday. Now Monday could be a weather alert day. Temperatures mid to upper 80s once again, little breezy at times, showers and thunderstorms expected on Monday with really heavy rain. And again, some damaging winds, Tuesday, we dry out. I'm storm team for me to ride with just Lauren ricketts. It is 75° in Germantown 78 in annandale, 78, and cloudy outside WTO studios. It's 9 41. A deadly dust storm in Montana, 6 people were killed, police say the storm was fueled by wind gusts topping 60 mph, causing zero visibility on the highways, more than 20 vehicles crashed on interstate 90, that was what led to those deaths. The hiring practices of Maryland state police are the focus of a

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