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Yes i if he's not already out the country could find himself in look i know he's a massive foot football fan and apparently he actually paid fatigue boyhood dream and i get that but i mean you know by generating but then but then you know when you are british manual performing at the company the well you sort of do paul iraq represent your country trying to have some some me saying indeed i get way coming from the fancy didn't go out in this country of things maybe spread some of his brushes since everywhere else in the world but yet robbie williams and ruled divisive performance some people thought it was great i'm in that camp of his live each number one is now now that george markle isn't that williams is the leaving pop performance now let's go back to the actual events on the pitch we got some big matches today huge match today at tonight on talksport spying take on portugal sacked by head coach earlier this week as you see days before the tournament kicks off with egypt uruguay at lunchtime so it's most salad versus lavar as liverpool striker's past and present morocco versus around that's at the top of my head at four so people were putting homework iran that sounds a little bit boring but russia saudi arabia was meant to be the boring rubbish into the tournament and it was a five nil win everything thank you very much all to play for this world cup yeah aniko.

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