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Look at them. Through the glass. Perfect little baby. Yeah. Ronco? Are your children in the nursing? Nurses, holding them up. For you. Oh. To keep them warm for a while. They're little takes you wonder, which one is the boy. That one has his mouth open that must be the girl. Rankle United looking what you feel. All right. Oh, yeah. But I. Bronco me. Yeah. You can see March we now. Hi rea can come on. Let's. Mr. killers leave no Ugo. Go ahead. Milford. Which will how is she? Yes, she's fine right in here. That you. March ronco. Another. Hello father. How are you? I'm so glad to see you. They made me stay outside. Couldn't do you were here. Sure. I knew you would be. We have twins. I know. Have you seen him? Sure. Cute. The girl looks just like you. And the boy like you. Notice. We didn't think of twins. What are we name him? We'll talk about that later. You better sleep now. Did I do? All right Bronco. Say it did. Very rarity. The leroy. Have a little boy and a little girl. This March just fine. Just fine. I'm Rick raced around town afternoon coming up that darn tire last week in all relax, Mr. guilty. Mr. Bronco just call from the hospital Geneva.

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