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Welcome to body cons a collection of conversations about buddies I'm not brighter training counselor and Psychology Geek and I'm Molly Forbes Brewed Kosta UH campaigner and body image influence ace Um they hello welcome back or hey you're oh doing okay and have a lovely week and have you had a lovely weekend I'm excited about this week's interview I'm so excited about it it because I wasn't there and I've never heard I basically the person that we're interviewing in this episode is Teri waters who is behind a an online magazine Kazini could be on Edit and Terry what the journalists in the fashion industry for a while she's very much in the body positive space on lying and and she has some proper good stuff to say so I went along back in the summit retirees flat in London and we just had this really lush big chat you had to go back and get trained in easy and I remember taxing you off dude that was so good you aw excited to hear particularly interested in this one solves law that I couldn't be there because back in the day that's what I did my dissertation on for my undergraduate degree which was about the impact of women's magazines on self esteem and so I really wanted to to meet Terry and have a chat with her about her experience both in the magazine industry and now doing something very different say keep listening listening for some proper insider gossip stuff that you will not believe stuff that you'll think no that only happens on TV films I love with me I'm not I I'm the hyping is it listening to that so it's that time of the show where we find the things that we d love and we love so much around foot image it's going up going down so molly this week I got a Oh positively I I know what's what's become of me so my coming up this week is an instagram account the I love you know when you scrolling and you're kind of like whereas the number one thing that I want to look out today and said you know and she scroll her name is less raw you'll going going on there and you're like what am I looking at and you just Y- and then and then you see it and then you see that little nugget of goodness and I am really picky with people that I follow and I like to think I have a really lovely diverse feed and I've got some good stuff on there but some days as you get an empty scroll in it's just like yeah you need to follow the mind Geek is so mad now sorry are you okay so this is a therapist who works in Dublin and what she does though is she kind of reduces reduces down some really complex ideas things like imposter syndrome procrastination the way we put people on pedestals and she does was it in this kind of like a sticky note kind of format so she draws sticky notes and they are you know when you read something almost like a horoscope or something that's me that's me I identify with it so much and so her her actual images are very direct things that speak very clearly ability because they're posted basically but then within the comments she goes into a little bit more detail around unpicking some of that stuff and helping ping to kind of make it clearer and she does them in series so is like four posts that are you know what is this thing how do you identify hi it what can you do about it it's amazing I love her so much I've she's gone online mace recent one she's obviously done a little series about something called the Ma Wound Oh wow we may have a mother wound up being our full selves around her risked punishment we weren't unable to turn to our the mother support we felt she competed with us a mother was physically or emotionally abusive she was volatile or absent we had two parent para I and then she goes on to the next pays she says signs of the mother wound down player achievements and abilities suspicious of others intentions could be described as is a people pleaser confused about who we are and it goes on I know from reading that the I definitely don't have another way and I think that the mother Oh my God that's a new thing that I've learned today love it interesting yeah the mother wind is quite a Gosh they say much in its brilliant so her name is Sarah Jane crosby she goes under the name of the Mind Geek and I just feel like she's got a really clever way of love breaking some of that stuff down to really really accessible ways that we can all start to understand some of our behaviors that's really what it's about whereas the stuff come from how does it play out in our lives now what can we do to maybe make some changes if we're not happy with the way that you know certain aspects of our lives applying our oh my Gosh I love it thank you for sharing that on gifts GonNa kiss is a tricky one because it's not directly related to body image but then it's all related tamers ourselves exactly but it's also I think a lot of stuff said the things I listed out like imposter syndrome placing other people on pedestals and stuff procrastination in those three areas very directly affect the way you feel about your body all the way that you treat your body or hundred percent that's a massive overlap with all this stuff is it's not just about looking in the mirror and liking what you say or not this week I've got a and it's kind of I just I just want to do is low shout out nor really lack of proper big one but a ted talks felicity hayward who is a curve model one the host on naked beach she is doing something so cool this week she's doing her I had no way that's amazing. NFL She's doing at LEAMINGTON SPA and it's in a series called outside Ismay the outside is series the blurb says let's go outside Buxom trends ends stray from our lanes skew off you celebrate the shunned embraced the Tabu the names of the written off up in lights they didn't conform they opted for the fringes they did it that way outsiders who's in and felicity is speaking all about the what she's done in the process is industry Being being a trailblazer in pushing for change within the fashion industry says how she's one of the host on Channel Four's Nike Beach Talks About Self Love Diversity Esotique confidence I'm excited to see what she's going to say I can't think of anything many things in life more intimidation than having to do a Tedtalk is going to be intimidated by name she's been practicing practicing you have to be properly trained for ECON just like rock up and be like hi I really want they called the Ted Commandments you have to follow I was watching one with Amy Tan recently the author and she was saying that she wanted to recall of those so she sort of list them up on the screen which which I thought was quite interesting so she's Worth Watch stop that one's definitely worth watch I have watched a tedtalk recently by which spy model Cameron Russell I see that one yes look on everything believe me I'm a model yet that's that was a while ago and Komo while ago yeah I mean you could probably watch that one alongside than felicity relevant is really relevant I think the two together would be really interesting what maybe like a playlist of all the all the ones image I feel like Ted talks that I if you're in a bevere rock if you're having one of those days where you're doing empty scrolling thing and then you could just go what attack Canadian nourishing garnish like yeah the scrolling to me feels like when you've just eaten too much white bridal applying yeah and you just need to just put something a bit more juicy yeah I think that we've done some good tips this week it's nourishing which leads us on very going to say I was just GonNa say what mortar I'll the Ted podcasts. There's some really beautiful discussion with Elizabeth Gilbert I would definitely I have listened to that is it's lovely it's about grief but it's really really worthless is Elizabeth Gilbert the journalist who she's the author of eat pray Love Hey so she realized that she was in love with her best friend a couple of years back she left her husband was quite a kind of you know it was covered quite law on the media because her work in her previous books and everything and rail was diagnosed with cancer Sir and Elizabeth was very kind of there with her the whole time like the throughout her journey to death and it's just this like like a lot of insight into how that was for her how that was what it was like when she actually died like how Elizabeth life has been since then it's it's a proper kind of life-affirming listen really recommend what brought you John Lewis and Logan I'm just waiting my stomach to rumbling a guy here if I get my stomach rumbling on the Po cost mazing in this week's guest Harry waters he's a woman behind the unedited which is a website and online magazine using proving to women that life is for living not for shrinking navy standards no bullshit she says it like as she it was a fantastic interview she has amazing experience of working as a fashion journalist she's got she's inside a gossip from within the industry she tells us y she sets out the and what she's hoping to do with it and you're GonNa love this interview Lottie I'm sorry that you couldn't be that I did ask one of your questions in the interweave and we did talk about you have listen I'm in the hiring of Terry waters who is editor of the UN on edit which is a very exceptionally cool website Ontario head to shine a light on some really interesting stuff and we're talking fashion industry and why the unedited exist welcome to body cons terry and thank you for having me that was a really long rambling. Introductions is probably more concise than I could've come out with SARS all right sorry about the unedited anyone who hasn't come across the website what is it what is it that you guys do I like to think of it is just a space on the Internet a- As being curated in mind to sort of go against the grain of modern mainstream media so all the things a mainstream media will either not tell you all be too scared to tell you or we'll tell you more palatable way we're basically packaging real real stories and real harsh truce in some ways and some really tough topics it mainly focuses on body positive self love self care mental ends who health but it does so of course the boundaries of fashion beauty basic women's lifestyle Peoria and that was sort of how it began we wanted something that was a middle ground that could the fantasy is I feel really conflicted when it comes to magazines and stuff league is something I hear a lot and I one of these people of new thing if I I it's all the fault of the Fashion Kazini and it's all the fault.

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