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That's insane like nine sacks the second most in the league and we all knew that they needed to address it and right now they have not done a good enough job to protect him and maybe part of that is joe right. He's not as mobile as he was pre. Acl as he comes back from that injury. But i think there's a lot to two point at when it comes to that offensive line and they need to button it up all these protection issues. If they're gonna get out of heinz field with a win on sunday talking about jomar chase now the the bengals have had some serious receiver town last twenty years with especially with chad johnson and aj green Do you think your march is is going to be at their level and you know. Is it going to be a few years. Do you think he's has a chance to be that kind of player this year. I think he can be what. Aj green wants as a rookie and then some now in not that. Aj not that he's better than aj was as a rookie but like numbers wise because of the opportunities because of the quarterback he has because of the offense and the way. The game is like age as a rookie was probably more ready for the nfl Just because he had been season. That george wasn't coming off of a year plus layoff and I in everything that goes in with that that being said joe different than green but it just seems like when the lights come on. He's ready to go. You know i. it's you know. We'll see this week. He's going to go for a bengals record. So he's tied with green the only two receivers in bengals history touchdown catches in their first. Two games are green in tomorrow. Chase and chase can get a third straight alas nap greens record so no i. I think expectations are that high. And i think that he can tap the thousand yard mark so to speak especially with the seventeenth game but You know will. He will that production lead to wins. You certainly hope so. And that's something that we need to see because it is good as chad. Johnson will hasn't he was my favourite bengal play. Maybe my favorite bengal player ever in. Who's just brought so much excitement to the city. I don't remember him dominating pittsburgh much i remember. Tj cushman zodda. More than chad. Because i think they doubled him. And you know we'll see you know if that happens. Or if cia arafah chase rather can be more effective in a rivalry tight game like this now talking about Players specifically in this matchup. I think someone steeler fans definitely missile. A whole heck of a lot is Mike hilton not. Can you break down. What he's kind of meant to the bengals So far and whether or not you think you might have a big game against his former team. Yeah he's benetton. An instant impact right away in the secondary in that defensive backs room in with the safety is one thing that he did and he said he's stolen from joe hayden is he moved jar and he created this low system. Where you know. If you're caught loafing early in camp during practices you gotta put money in the jar and at the end you know. It was a way to hold everybody accountable. At the end no one was put money in the jar because they retired to put money in the jar and he said he stole it from joe haden in pittsburgh and it was kinda cool that he brought that over and they all went out to eat afterwards. And that's been one of the more surprising. Units i think is the secondary it for all the new faces that they've brought in trae. Weinstein play a game but mike Has certainly been a reliable nickel corner. Adding pressure You guys know firsthand. How as a blitzer definitely equality quality tackler and. then she'll bail was yahoo they added. It's been a nice one two combo so we'll see if trae wayne's can go this week i don't think so i think it's gonna be another week. But when he comes back. I think the bengals could have an above average secondary and mike. Helton's a huge farnum at from a leadership standpoint and obviously on the field guarding opposing slot corners. Like you mentioned. Mike hilton and To w the bengals retooled their defense. A why like. I was looking through the restaurant. I was like wait. Wait people bengals How has this drastically. Different defense personnel wise looked and is it still the same defensive scheme we seen or or should we be looking for a different style. Defense to know it's you know it's that three four style that you've seen. I just think that the pieces fit better to answer kind of that. First part of your question. I think they've exceeded expectations. Really have your right. They've invested a ton of money on defense so much so that people like me. I think have questioned why they evan. Invested more on the offensive line with the resources at that being said this defensive line looks much improved specifically the interior of this defensive line. Dj reader has been a beast in. He only played five games last year due to a quad injury in. He looks just as good as ever looked to be quite honest. The first couple of games of the year and you look really good and limited reps in the preseason but then they went out and they got larry jobe from the browns they. They went out and got multiple different Proven defensive tackles traded for bj l. from the giants and he had two sacks in week one So yeah. I think that the interior of this defensive line is where they're going to try to make their. Hey not only pressuring opposing. Quarterbacks obviously slowing down a guy like nausea amazon sunday in for two weeks at least the retooling of this defense as has paid off and they look like they're going to be much improved from what we've seen over the past couple of years now. Speaking of that defense they could have a pretty big game Getting after ben rothlisberger of course calling spate of spayed. The steelers offense has struggled to say the least through two weeks. This far Do you can anticipate that ben. Ross rothberg could be in for another beating against the bengals front. I i think that certainly the plan for the bengals right and It it's to me. it's going to be much easier. Said than done 'cause we we've seen it for a decade and a half. Now of ben being hurt being being up and then he's going to go out and throw for four touchdowns right and you know that's what happens against the bengals..

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