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Podcast, one, welcome back. Everybody and please Ahah. Do Mike, ios brand? Lindsey. My co host of the day aches for having me. Thanks for jumping. And by the way we have been living the most hellacious non school day with our kids. Columbus Day outcome bay get the day off from the teenagers don't. Yes, some do, but the pumpkin patch was not that pack. I thought everyone was out of school and it was going to be packed. No, it was good. Yeah, it was so funny though. So I was telling you I'd be going to Tanaka Vars to the Tom compatriots for, I don't know. The twins are about to be fifteen. So I'm going to tell you been going there for thirteen years. I know so many people that work there is that ridiculous and by day I know wherever the is the pumpkin patch. And do you go any other time of year or just pumpkin season? We used to go skews me. You might recognize this out. They re go because really, mommy needs juiston we used to do every season. So the they recently added like a christmassy right kind of season yet used to just beat three right was like the spring was strawberries yet, and the summertime is Mellon yet watermelons and then the fall is pumpkins. Yeah. And we would go three times a year for like the first ten years. Yeah. And then. Maybe like sopped anterior to Terry used to go in the beginning? Yeah, there you go Durfee Terry used to go in the beginning, but not in recent years. He he, he. As they do as they do. But it's funny because I was say this ju it's like, I watch you with your kids and because your oldest is my youngest age, I, I used to do all that stuff too. Like for Halloween, we used to go to four or five Halloween events right year. Right. Crazy. Like one of the country club in one at the temple and one at the orange would foundation and wanted to knock a farm like just everywhere do you? Are you still doing that? Well, we've just started the whole new thing. It's fun again because it's Parker's first time doing everything. Cheers. Cheers. Thanks for being. Oh yes, of course. Thanks for having me thirsty Thursday. We are very thirsty. It's so funny how kid things can go from super fun and totally tolerable to like. Like today today we were almost rounding up and then four tourists who did us being all of a sudden or taking off with our wheel barrel full of eight pumpkin by the way, the wheelbarrow because he was holding the baby. I wield. With my bump ankle all the way up and we would talk about my ankle. Your by the way, poor Natalie. Yes, we're so sick. She's got like the flu. We were such a mess last week in aren't going to tell you about the event. We're going to talk about all of that. But yes, these people, they tried to usurp our. Are we'll there. I finally kid events often are like, show fun, and this isn't that bad. This isn't that hot. And then at the drop of a dime could turn. I literally was like, I need a drink. I would like I need to leave all of a sudden. I'm like, I have no had on my face as frying. I've been here for three hours. All I taste is Jess and is now time to go. It was very well because it's a farm, yes, always sat at the front of the wagon tractor ride. What were we Bismarck right now, it's a big higher, but what was so funny was so it used to be like me and max Nikki in the mea maxima Mickey and then max Niki cat, and then add cocoa within the twins, dropped out. And then they're like, just get me upon gin and like, sure. And then cat said today, she's like, I think I might be too old for this. Oh, and how did that make you feel? It's funny. I mean, I think you would think I'd be like, oh, that's so sad. We've, I'm honestly, I was good. Yeah, I think. I'm good with it. Yeah, I've done it so many years that I'm ready for. You know, whatever's next. Yeah, whatever's next. Yes. I found that with CoCo not with cat, and I don't know because I kind of thought it was my last one. Right?.

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