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They may about that. Which was something that was. Intellectual went to love in a lot of illness and dances beautiful. Movie all the way round about a a short period times man's lives you know he found lov and lost it you know in the span of four years but you can get those people together and i. I swear you're gonna get like let's say you had twenty people in the room you're gonna get five people wrote in science fiction at all man when we were talking about so you're gonna get 'cause it's it was his first works If you like. See us louis from the stuff he does and some of the panties wants to take. You know it's enjoyable and nice to read okay but in terms of like the realm of science fiction. It's not gonna really have the same impact and it didn't okay now like fantasy. Okay you could be the third the biggest pagan atheist communist on the planet. And really don't like about sears. Louis about anything and you could still say chronic is knowing that was it. Man was a great fantasy series. He did his thing so made his mark and fantasy. He did not make it in science fiction. But let's talk a little bit about this space. Reggie okay now. There was three books. That's what a trilogy means. I know i repeat to myself. That's how so we can get sometimes here. Okay all right. So we got three books. The i was called the Out of the silent planet all right now with very interesting about these books. The science fiction trilogy. We're gonna talk about here and this is the funny thing a could mean it. Conveying real mean why. It never became big in the science fiction world. Well lewis felt. Because i guess he read a bunch of science fiction books said that was done he always felt it was too much involved with technology and robots space aliens and all that stuff he thought in many ways it was sort of dehumanizing that the human figure really wasn't in it. He said he didn't make any sense to him. That you're talking about the future and you never really talking a lot about people. Now i can tell you from an intellectual standpoint. I understand where he's getting at. That's fine. I liked these science fiction. Books don't get me wrong. But i agree with anyone else. Who's read all kinds of science fiction books you know. They didn't make their mark and he didn't really he just didn't really build anything big out of it. What he was trying to do in the science fiction and consequently the only ones he ever did afterwards. That was it he did that now is in the story on on science fiction Next one is called a plan and then of course the third one at that hideous strength. I liked him a lot. You did have some Christian biblical type or gory in there. But it wasn't as heavy as clinicals nichols noneya was a really was very human very Very much about the characteristics of humanity and very much. I fell almost like i. What if what if the earth.

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