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That's what we all. Trump the devil. River. Best phrase this guy. Okay. That didn't that wasn't as it says, it was gonna be, but okay. Are you say some crazy shit? Yeah. But impart, I didn't think this beforehand just came to me. Now. I was really pulling these mind's gone. You didn't play me. I didn't I didn't play this segment at all it just came up. We haven't done sociation do. All right. I guess. Of this. Brown's the Drake one definitely I'm surprised that say Roxy Reynolds four. Yeah. It was she was like the first person. I thought oh own even if I know who works on us, you don't know who Roxie Reynolds, she's not somebody else. That is shocking. If I know her then is definitely while the face, and it's not the may. Yeah. 'cause Rodrigue I'm drawing a blank Roxy. I don't know why he was immediately that now pinkie that's on his pinky. Now. Am I'll Rolodex when you said that Roxie Reynolds reason, I'd never think about Roxy Reynolds? Really? That's weird. The Drake thing why are you surprised about the thing? Does what you would say that these the the best artists best. That's I didn't know you had to Pena bio he's who else is that man is a lot of people that won't give from that time. Even though he is the most successful right now. He is the most successful artists right now. Right. That's I mean hands out. I mean, you can't deny man do that. I won't. I'm never have. I'm just saying I mean, although I think Jayco holistic China take his title. Two. Tell me. Some writing days, I'm picking chicken choice, giving them real ones been dying. Shit. Dick.

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