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As well. Thursdays. Even more. Very, very much, very, very, very much. So joining me in the auto collision specialist studios for breaking news from last night breaking news. But but Still Breaking. Tanner swit- everybody. JETER tack to. CHASA CHASA warts. Yeah. It wasn't quite the stroke of midnight last night eleven thirty last night Chasa board voted on variances that got approved by the governor's office. And they have voted in a twelve to three vote to approve the return of high school football for this fall. But instead of saying everybody plays in the fall or in the spring, they've left it up to the schools. The schools now enter into a couple of day period where they will get together with their coaches, athletic directors or superintendents, school board everybody, and decide whether they're opting into the fall season or they're opting into the spring season. From what I'm being told is that this means that there will be two state champions. Which I mean we talk about what's that really hard word to say all the time asterisks. All the time and it's pretty good. That's going to be the biggest one of those things when you have to state champion. So now what if you have to state champions and then you make the state champions play each other for another championship. So then 'cause. Yes, they'll be three champions, but then he'd have a guy a team that had been sitting out for three months and now the. That's that's probably not going to happen. So I know I've been here a lot of dates being thrown around and it's kind of moving point I talked with Steve, long well, the athletic director of the reds. He's also a chess board member and he's saying these dates are kind of a moving target, right. But what I'm hearing and he's relatively confident in is that September twenty fourth start date for practice that means October ninth first game for high school football happening eat the reds have opted in that just came down as well. I just got off the phone with Steve Before I came on the program he is he the reds Have talked with their coaches again that that whole thing was all in collaboration and everybody from the Eton School district says, yes, we're going forward to this I expect to hear other decisions from northern Colorado schools and the Patriot League specifically later on today because this is kind of the first domino to fall kind of have to make decision today the Roosevelt rough riders have also opted in to play in the fall season from what I'm hearing Kevin Lila. Great. Friend of the station Kevin is saying that the putter school district is actively pursuing a way to play this fall. A lot of what's going to happen there though is non. Fort. Collins high schools and but non lumber county schools. How are they going to opt in? Because you get to those higher levels? This schools are a little bit more spread out and again there's so many more. That'll come. But as of right now, there is going to fall high school football. So you Denver schools are not going to go right the dirty. So sure a lot of Denver schools, the public schools, they will release the statement yesterday urging chassis and the governor not to allow variances and to not play in the fall and I do think that this is why you saw the split season you saw that as well as the spring season, we already talked about it marches the snowiest month. These mountain schools there's no way that they would be to play in that spring season. So this is where it lands right now there's still a lot to be answered who's opting in opting out and I think that we're gonNA see schools really starting to start rolling here season today s situation you said there's going to either way you slice it there's GonNa be a lot of teams that don't opt in. Is. It GonNa be like Notre Dame ACC type thing where okay. Maybe five eight schools not going to have enough schools to play. So now they're dropping down to four a or I think that's terrifying possibility. I. Mean those those classifications are there for reason manpower. Mainly, and you look at it on the way up, you don't WanNa five as school coming down and beaten up on a one a school to and and I know it wouldn't be that severe but I don't see that really starting to budge a whole lot. You see maybe one division jump. I don't know I guess that's the best answer for you right now, and there's a lot that we still don't know about this. But yeah I mean they're going to have to get creative they're going to have to fill up scheduled. I talked with another athletic director last week and jokingly said, you got your football schedule ready to go and he said I do I just don't know who the hell I'm putting in there right now, and so it's going to be just a bunch of randomness until probably right until October eighth right the day before the first game. So this this would extend us into December eleven too. So it's GonNa be it's you're kind of like this is all messy. This is weird I don't know if you're not going to go all in because. Again College football seems weird right does I'll admit it's hard for me to watch. But from their perspective from these players perspective, they're like we don't really care if we win, we just want to play the game that we've been training for a whole lives. I'm guessing that's more for these high school students I would. I would guess so too I did talk with a with a football coach this morning and I asked him I said. So if they've said that the only state champion that they were going to recognize came out of the spring season what would you do in and he said that I would I would prefer to wait until. The spring season because what's the point if we're not chasing after that gold ball that everybody's looking for? So I think that estate tax does come into play big time and yeah, you're right Brady. I'm more of a fan of let's get it all done. Let's let's not have this split season. Let's not have to state champion that's just not clean. It's not effective and the big thing to that I think I, want to I want to mention is that it's kind of flown under the table they still haven't got the variances approved for indoor sports. So basketball supposed to be starting in. January. That still hasn't been approved wrestling still hasn't. been approved volleyball, which is another false board. This was this was the sport that was voted on still hasn't been approved. So the indoor aspect is a whole nother story and I will just shameless plug your. Noko. Now coming up tomorrow I'm off today we sampled today but tomorrow I will be talking with Steve Long while he was in on all of these board meetings he's on the front line and he's going to enlighten a little bit more So that'll be a riveting conversation but there's a lot still be impact here. Yeah. No no doubt about it I here at the station at Cave K we we do a lot of broadcasts. High School Softball High School Football University of Northern Colorado were kind of looking to see what that looks like on the basketball side of things to which I'm hearing positive things on that and we're GonNa have Kelly Lyell on later to talk about the basketball side. But it sure sounds like they're gonNA go. November right and and the mountain west seems to be like they're they're gonNA be actively pursuing a Fulton. Hill as well. So there's still frustrates me about all of this though, and I think this you and I kind of disagree because I'm like. If it's football I wanted on high wise..

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