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He's sitting at fifty two percent approval rating, and that Pogos way back it's daily presidential tracking poll that is consistent. And if you look at it, it's very consistent with Obama, George W Bush, and the fact that he's had been hit so hard for. From all directions. The media the liberal left the collusion idea. The he's a racist. The building of the wall. The fact he's sitting fifty two percent means that something's going right in the middle of America. Not the far, right? Not the far left, but to you and half years ago. You would have never thought that the liberal left would be passing abortion bills or even talking about the type of abortion bills or passan? You would never think the green new deal would be an issue or even in conversation, look at New Mexico, and what's happening with them. So a lot of change since we've been with since we've had our show. Yeah main. I think it is surprising to a lot of people that if if there were ever a time in I started Showtime locally at there were ever a time for like Lubbock county. Democratic Party to begin to appeal to the middle. Now's the time in but you keep like we keep waiting for. Right. And I mean, you know after this. I think I'm done waiting. I don't think you do you do wait because when you have the type of voices that are out there. I mean, look at the New York congresswoman, I won't even say our name, you know, when she tweets something, she has fifty thousand plus lions, see AO, see, and she puts out this green new deal and the Hawaii Representative gets on national television the next day in his interviews. And they're like, you know, the tourism and air travel to your state your island is important. I never thought about that. But she still on the right track because of the emissions. Yeah. Base upon the air traffic, but they continue to fly their private jets and fly airplanes and go to all of their rallies. Beddoes rallying in El Paso. Oh, and they fly home to Hawaii. There's just such a hypocrisy amongst the party when it when it starts to fall far leftist as if it would if it fell far, right? You know in the Republican party, which Republicans have and I think we're Trump is winning in wise his approval ratings where it is is because after the elections November..

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