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Percent of leagues basically and two hundred percent two hundred percent leaks. He dominated in college me and north western. Yeah. No. He was good backbeat trashing in the preseason member that. Yeah. Amber, we were all surprised, but he looks great in this past game. We were a little surprised when he dropped to the seventh because going into the NFL draft. He was one of the guys that was like, yeah, he has he has he has some juice. He could he could make it in the NFL. So now, he's got an opportunity. That's what you want is running back. Juice. Yes, I feel like that's been the that's been the refrain for two weeks, you want juice. Well, you don't want. You know, I'm Meltwater. I don't wanna plotter if you like legare blunts got milk. You know, look Luxair blunt. He's on the sidelines. Some guys get Gatorade. He's getting whole milk drinks. Yes. Down on all milk on the sideline. And then he goes, you got the whole milk was a bad choice moment sometimes spring for milkshake. Oh, sure. On the side of the boys to the yard. We got to bring up. I Carlos Hyde as well. TJ Elden because it's the colts in game script. You know, you you don't know how that game's gonna go. If Andrew luck is able to do what he doesn't throw three touchdowns because he just does that then yelled and might be more involved. But I do think hide is well, first of all he's more widely available yelled news prefer if both Jags running backs were there. I would take hide over your pretty good match. Indianapolis nineteenth against fantasy running backs Brooks. You and I are faced off in a very important dynasty league match up. I don't have any wide receivers left. Would you allow me to play Carlos Hyde and the wide receiver spot is that something you'd be willing to throw? I don't think this system all out. Oh, wait. He's if but what if you what if you could do you do it? Now. There you go stand up stuff. I love it going down. I think I am on the other side of that ball Marlin MAC, reminder he did exit with a concussion has the full week as far as I know Marlowe MAC does not have the concussion history that you'd be concerned of missing Sunday. But he certainly could. And if Marla MAC is out similar to like, courtesy Bula funchess is out. It's I love Curtis Samuel. If Marla MAC is out while I don't love the matchup Naim Hines in replacement when he was the featured bag he was putting a serious fantasy points. So he becomes immediately. Interesting. If Marla MAC is to miss. Yeah. I mean, the matchup is not great. So I don't love it there. But you're right that he's he's going to be the back to own Jordan Wilkins who started the year. As like, hey, we're going to give him the workload. Right. He has shown that he he didn't have enough of what they were looking for. And he fumbled again. And he's had a he's had a little bit of the Itis. So I would I would certainly lean name Hines. But I I do expect Marla MAC to be okay. All right. Other names, you guys want to bring up just I would say handcuff watched please Spencer ware geo Bernard Malcolm Brown. Those are absolute must own guys. And then guys like Wayne Goeman from New York rod Smith, the backup in Dallas and Rex Burkhead. So I think that if you have the starting running backs from any of those teams listed you need to start protecting your lineup you need to have points going into the fantasy playoffs. Tide ins, let's talk about some tight ends. Look I didn't bring him up early because I knew we talk about him again right now, which is Johnny Smith Johnny Smith last night one play. Yeah. One catch sixty one yards in a touchdown. And I guess you had two catches or two yards after the big one. They just didn't. They never went back to them. It was very bizarre. Why in Marietta was twenty two twenty three on the nine mostly short passes? You surprised that he didn't get more ball? Very. I mean, Joe is a great athlete. You know, we said I think it was on yesterday's show or or maybe it was last week's about I like Joni. But there they they don't utilize him the same way that they were using utilizing Delaney Walker..

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