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I don't like the fire from the hip kind of stuff, even though I kind of am that guy, It's probably why I don't like it. But, um, you know, self loathing and all that's on the text line from Christmas he was riding with Excel spread. She wasn't it? Yeah. You know, I wasn't going to tell anybody, Alec, but about the third hour that he was he was delving into that. Things. I just don't know why you have to hate on Excel, spreadsheets. 13 have feelings. I mean, what did they ever do to you? Really? That's that's just that's all incoming at this waste my time just talking about slinging mud. About saying things that maybe you should take a step back, and I'm not gonna do that. But I appreciate the text. Okay, so the news today was at the Broncos are bringing in Mark Baron. The former first round pick these buoys recently with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ellie Rams. I think most people know him for his time at the Rams. He's a converted guys. He was a safety converted linebacker. I know that brings up a lot of Suk Ravens thoughts, not the same person not seem kind of player. The tough thing comes back to what is Mark Barron ultimately represent for this team. What is what is he going to bring to the Broncos that they don't already have? Well, he's uh, you know, he's a box safety that was converted Tio inside line bag or his coverage. Isn't you know it's not seasoned like he's a corner playing safety or something. He's got these superb coverage skills. As far as that goes, he's he's OK. He's been better in zone that he has a man which works for this scheme. He is a sure tackler. He is a hitter. So that's you know, that's a big fans. Your requirement. I think he just represents a body has got some experience that can move away from the ball a little bit. He I don't think he's as big a liabilities is perhaps you know Josie Jule. I think he would be great is the third inside back or who could give you some spot Start. Time of Todd has toe has to be out for a minute. But in the end, you know, I don't know that. I think the expectation of Mark Baron from a guy who played Madden is going to be a little inflated. Versus what he you know what he actually brings the table. I think it's interesting that you bring in a guy who is most recently with the Steelers, who you play. I believe in week two on DH. That might be, you know, kind of interesting and fun, But I think you know if you bring him in, and you you Oh, him is a depth guy placed in special teams Could spot start for you little bit can fill him where he needs to. It is the chest piece that I'm not opposed to it. If you come in thinking he's Ah Ah, Luke quickly then we've got a problem, You know, because he's just not. But do you think Mark Barron? And we had a conversation on broadcast TV earlier. Do you think he represents at least a better player than Josi? Jewell? Yeah, he does better is better athletes and talk about this stuff earlier and people were and people were saying Nigel Bradham, and I was like, That's not I don't think that's the one. Yeah, but mark parents better than Nigel Bradham, and that would be the direction I would go. So he's a better athletes and Josie Jule And at least gives you the opportunity. If Todd Davis is going to miss any time, because then can you maybe Khun bring him back old slow, knowing that you don't want to re injure and knowing how important he is to the defense any really? It's They have been still very stout against the run without Todd Davis, But their coverage ability is definitely taking the hit. It has and Mark Baron would help with that I again Mark Barron is not going to sit there and grate out particularly high and pro football. Focus is coverage metrics. I had to go back and look at those honestly see what they were. He's a better is more capable of coverage than Josie Jule. That's the way I put it. The Broncos also made a decision at long snapper today. We need some theme music for this guy's The competition is over. So we have Tio announce on the other side decision that the Broncos have made it long snapper. I know everybody really Looking forward to that. Also, why they tune into camp coverage was right. Also, we will talk about what the Broncos need from Drew. Lock Pff has an idea will tell you what Chad barreled update President Trump Headlines Tonight's final night of the Republican National Convention. I'll tell you more about that plus traffic. Broncos country tonight on K O a news radio on the I.

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