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Assault fortunately he was not that this has been a problem for the last few years and you can be says they're addressing this obviously wasn't addressed in twenty sixteen when this happened to my client the lawsuit alleges sexual assaults and for massage envy locations incinerators corona daily city and Cotati the man seen being hit repeatedly by San Diego police officers in a viral video will spend more than four years behind bars a judge sentenced twenty year old train L. cannon today after he pled guilty to resisting arrest robbery and burglary the video sparked controversy Bassein Diego police say the tactics were necessary after you tackled one officer to the ground and continue to resist arrest the county's put out warnings to people heading to the beach this weekend the county's department environmental health says it's unsafe to go into the water in a couple of spots in town the OB pier and ocean beach and sunset cliffs soft Ladera street are all showing high levels of bacteria in the water warning signs will stay up until it's safe to go into the water again now here's bill hall and with the latest from Wall Street stocks drifted lower another day on the downside averages however the Dow anyway propped up by a sixteen point kaynette Boeing which added a hundred and seventeen points to the Dow everything else lower the Boeing right off of four point nine billion put surprise the seven thirty seven fixed about was last inspected the treasury ten tool for calling for a rate cut the Holland AM seven sixty seven bay now here's news it's better rapport with your micro climate forecasts will start a slow gradual warm up tomorrow through the weekend but on Monday get ready.

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