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It's Kinda ridiculous but it's more importantly on this phone apple did come up with one compelling I think compelling thing which was facetime hd over cellular that might not sound like a big. Thing. But I don't know about you. But I've been using stuff like zoom in base. I'm quite a bit during these last few months at a lot of people have and being able to see that HD image on if five connection I was okay as a that's good. What more than I want more things like that that I don't have to think about it just went into it. I went in and turn off the five g. connectivity and it went back to be non HD version of facetime. So it is neat to see that in action I still hold by this though if you're just getting this phone for five G. Do your homework. Just make sure that your carrier that you're on if you're standing here has five he in your area, what are the speeds like what's the coverage right like because I just don't want people to be going to get this phone being disappointed that they don't have those speeds or that it's not as fast as some of these videos that we put out might hype it to be like millimeter wave But if you're okay with being, you know now they guinea pig but being a early adopter, the five G.. This agreed to do that because another thing they talk to you and I about was the amount of five G. Antennas. Billionaires a lot more coverage bands that they even talked to us about in this phone and the way it's it's made. So that means as things are being updated or rolled out as more spectrums being allocated carriers that hardware is GonNa be there ready to handle all that. So that's pretty exciting but the best part of the IPHONE. Worry about five, thirty this. Support for this podcast comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The life of a nurse is riddled with contradictions. We work like saints.

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