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Y you can't do that y are you see that one at a changes the rules i just but rather the bersin the awkward eye contact i could not see one of the one of the dads is so in the case of which dad do you want to go down again and i can ask you that all right maybe later so speaking of parents your mom is a relationship and that sex therapists yep pathetic thirty th release sweet feed scientists seed license therapist yes are drug yes so she's at yossi start out during phnom she's a lawyer or my dad didn't work for awhile drugged can like dispute in a mom and then got her therapy degree in like drug rehabilitation and then got into relationship and sex therapy does she goes exit ice she taught me wear to split was when i was and guy at a certain age what age um i think it was after she took me to the crying game when i was like well as a movie at the end of the movie where the woman through the movie is actually a man as i read you said movie so many times that i just i loss at via it's one of those who that scarred me that you're watching this movie and at a i think it was in seventeen and i was on on a thirteen i have no idea but as one of those movies where it's like oh that and i understand it until later i was like my mother took me to the crane game i need to see decrying gain yeah it's it's a it's a movie wipe out just gave it up but the big the neck i love it had sat saudia but anyone knows the crying game my mother took me to that and then i would love horror movies and we watch this one movie ameri this she loves to tell the story called sleepwalk.

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