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I don't know his history or was he just sick? Right? Like I don't know. Is it nerves shirt could have been could have definitely been nerves. I don't know. I don't Like I've never been somebody that threw up when I got really nervous or anything like that. Anxiety. I know there's a lot of people out there that have stomach issues or that have anxiety issues and sometimes that that that causes nausea or throwing up, But he was blowing chunks. I mean, he was flying out of his mouth. So whatever he was whatever he had, uh, eating or George or or had the drink in the hours before doing that certainly came up. I felt bad for him. It's a terrible feeling. Have to throw up. You're on the pitcher's mound and you're trying to get through the inning. And you're just blowing chunks. All that replace that's terrible. I don't know if I've I know that I've seen football players throw up, and I've I've I've exercised so much before that. I've thrown up sauce. I don't know if this happened to you. When you were playing any sport like I've I remember working out with this one trainer one time and he had me doing like every Every move and just like up, down up down up down, threw up all over the place. I literally I was I was so so screwed up from working out in the middle of the workout. I just threw up all over the place and I didn't feel better than I felt like I had to throw up again. Life. It's um I mean, I don't know is this Is this something you've seen before? Suss where you get sick during a game, or have you gotten sick during the game? I don't know. I don't. I don't know. I don't know. It never happened to me. It's never happened to me. So that was It was unfortunate for sure they had to do that when he pits one and two thirds innings and gave up four runs. He actually so after that. That you know, like the trainer came at the check on them, and then they just took him out of the game. Because he, you know he can't be out there throwing up. I don't know. It was one of the cases where it's like that I threw up now I'm done or there's more coming. So that was, uh, that was Bo Bureau burrows with Detroit something else that happened on today in 1997. So when you think of those bowls teams, the Chicago Bulls teams. Obviously, Michael Jordan is is the star. He's the star of the leagues are the team MVP. Scottie Pippen was His his sidekick, his trusted sidekick, But after that you really had a range of cast of characters from B. J. Armstrong to John Paxton. Later on. Steve Kerr, right, Tony KU coach was was there for a part of that run. Luc Longley. Bill Cartwright. Early on was the center, right? So you kept Jordan and Pippen But then you had a rotating cast of role players that played around them. Ron Harper towards the end of his career. Dennis Rodman, of course. Was in there. Um, but one constant you always had was Michael Jordan. And and Scottie Pippen, But Steve Kerr was one of the role players that came up big and today's date. June 13th 1997 Steve Kerr hits the game winner. To get the Bulls their fifth NBA title. Here's a little montage of Kurt talking about it and the play by play and you're talking about it again. Listen, my people have been asking me About the shot the other night. Michael.

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