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Need in a store, right? You can no long, nobody stocks. Anything I sent Freddie over to best buy a couple of weeks ago and said, can you give me a a case for my iphone? I'm going to do the king and he came back news like they don't have any. What will probably now what's what's that prime now is where you're going. No one is stuck anything. So if you're looking at this world and thinking that this isn't the right direction to go. Support these small companies because this could be the future where things are bespoke and built by people who really care and that you could go support them and it doesn't take much. It's an extra forty bucks on that garage kit. Go do it. Is that pretty much totally? Yeah. And people. It's shocking like the fact that you had to put. Little cards in every kit. No recasting in. It's people don't think about it. I mean, look, this is why I prefer to buy my garage kits and that kind of stuff on in Oetzi over EBay and don't get me wrong. There are still some shippers on Oetzi who are cheating and stealing. But for the most part, you can reach out and contact the seller directly, Annette and that means you can build a relationship and you can be confident of that relationship. I mean, just in general, even even with computer hardware, somebody the other day sent me a link. It was like, hey, is this the ram eighty for my computer? And it was an EBay link. I was like, dude, do not buy computer hardware, EBay. Especially ran because it's like if it's if it's like, if you're buying a piece of ram, you're buying a high end high latent high end lowly expensive memory. It's really easy to peel those stickers imprint some new ones and stick stick the expensive. Burned out bitcoin. Yeah, exactly. Don't don't don't buy by old things that you can't find any more new close by stuff like that. Don't buy. It also happens in like in terms of art in even massive mentally mass-produce stuff in terms of like designer toys, and we're going to see a lot of those. Wait, our friend, Jason freen were posted on his Instagram. He has very conic look to his style of his anatomical figures toys. But there are other companies who have even companies he's worked with before. Who have taken that idea and rift on it, and people assume on social media that it's his and he'll have to take an actress sensor this, these four things that you saw, just one I nothing do with. I see no money from this and the retailers he's worked with are now pulling those toys off of their lines and giving refunds people who've bought them because you know, shady breakfast. Nice. Yeah. It's a fine line between, hey, your work, inspired me. You know, if you look at the people that followed, say, Olly, moss all even started least movie posters. What about ten years ago now, almost and he informed an entire generation of designers, it would this kind of minimalist hidden silhouettes been that he started out doing. But if you look at what all he's doing now, for what he was doing eight years ago, he's continued to evolve and continue to grow. So the people who are not off the posters that are living room wall are are very much like they're eight years. Yeah. So you have to keep keep Volvo and keep doing keep doing stuff as an artist at the same time vendor that's knocking off somebody's designs that they've sold before to sell more like shady and there's no hard lines also fully recognize that. You know, we are in this wonderful position where oftentimes small sellers send us their kids to build an really appreciate that. We also abs-. But sorry, and I fully recognized that the difference between one hundred dollars, one hundred sixty dollars is a real difference like that. I get that. I exhort you to think of it not as I'm losing another sixty dollars as as much as I am supporting an independent artists, executing their work at the level that they see fit. That's what that's what you should be thinking about it as it battles just as much the person making in their garage. Exactly. That's a billion one or two more kits exact everyone before we move on with the conversation. I wanna thank the sponsor. That makes this week's episode of still entitled possible, and that's campaign monitor when it comes to Email marketing..

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