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Futures are higher this morning 6 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes and while it's a trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures have 29 points down futures up a 183 NASDAQ futures have 125 ten year treasury down ten 30 seconds yields 2.87% and they yield on a two year 2.61% And I'm executed oil is up 8 10% or 79 cents at a $102 97 cents a barrel Nathan Karen will have more on markets in a minute but first it may be a major development in the war in Ukraine Russian president Vladimir Putin says his forces have taken the key port city of Mary pole We get the latest now from Bloomberg's Amy Morris in our 99 one newsroom in Washington Russia's defense minister says more than 2000 Ukrainian troops remain holed up in the city Putin is calling on them to surrender This as the U.S. imposed fresh sanctions on Russia while preparing to send another $800 million in weapons to Ukraine Treasury secretary Janet Yellen and others walked out of a group of 20 meeting as Russian officials began addressing the gathering Russia meanwhile test fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile but Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says Russia told the U.S. about that test ahead of time and he doesn't consider it a threat In Washington I made me Morris Bloomberg daybreak Thank you for turning to the pandemic now The Florida court ruling that put a stop to bash mandates in the air will be appealed at Bloomberg said Baxter has the story The CDC has come out saying that current conditions warrant the mask mandate remain in place The wording it is CDC's continuing assessment that at this time in order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for the public health CDC believes this is a lawful order well within CDC's legal authority to protect public health Now remember the Biden administration has said that if the CDC made that determination it would appeal The DoJ has said it is ready to move forward In San Francisco I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right and thank you In China president Xi Jinping is defending his country's reliance on lockdowns to fight the pandemic despite mounting economic woes We need to work together to defend people's lives and health Safety and health are the prerequisite for human development and progress speaking through an interpreter Chinese president Xi Jinping reaffirmed the underlying goal is to minimize deaths While turning to markets now Nathan shares a Tesla up almost 7% in early trading following a strong earnings report from Elon Musk's electric vehicle giant They get the latest live from Bloomberg so we need a young good morning Renee Good morning Karen Tesla's reporting a record profit for Q one boosted by strong demand for its electric vehicles and despite industry wide supply chain challenges for key components like semiconductors and higher prices CEO Elon Musk says Tesla should be able to make up for any production shortfalls So to help mitigate the effect of all that the company has been raising vehicle prices and must predict Tesla is on track to expand production to more than 1.5 million vehicles this year that's compared with about 936,000 deliveries last year live in New York I'm renita young Bloomberg day break All right we need a thank you We're also watching shares of United Airlines there up nearly 8% as Bloomberg's Charlie pellet reports the carrier expects to be profitable this year CEO Scott Kirby says the demand environment is the strongest it has been in his 30 years in the industry United joins rival delta in projecting a return to profitability even as the industry grapples with dramatically higher fuel costs carriers had been hopeful this year would mark a rebound from the pandemic slump before the rising expenses and a brief surge in the COVID-19 omicron variant disrupted operations in recent months In New York Charlie palette Bloomberg day break Very Charlie thank you while we are seeing the fallout continue this morning from the massive sell off in Netflix shares billionaire investor Bill ackman lost more than $430 million on a three month bet on the streaming company Ackman's Pershing square capital management sold this Netflix steak after the company reported an unexpected drop in customers shares plunged 35% yesterday and right now shares are down another 8 10% in early trading Turning to the economy Karen J Powell will have one of the final words on Central Bank policy outlook before the fed enters its traditional blackout period Powell speaks later today before an International Monetary Fund panel the fed's next policy decision comes on May 4th Meanwhile Nathan San Francisco fed president Mary Daly is speaking out on the future of interest rate she says the Central Bank should raise rates to neutral by the end of the year Moving purposefully to a more neutral stance that does not stimulate the economy that is clearly demonstrated it can self sustain is a top priority And this is where the question of timing comes in How quickly should we get there So accounting for the risks of being too fast or too slow I see an expeditious march to neutral by the end of the year as the prudent path And San Francisco fed president Mary Daly made the comments at an economic conference in Las Vegas Well despite the rise in inflation and interest rate hikes Karen Bank of America CEO Brian moynihan says the consumer is holding up well They have more money to spend and they aren't borrowing on their lines the credit card bouncers still 20 billion off All that says there's a lot of dry powder on the consumer side So that's the tension So that's the good news I don't know what they say and worry about but I can tell you on a given day they're spending money and engaging in economy Bank of America's CEO Brian moynihan made the comments in an interview with Bloomberg's David Weston Just watching this red headline cross the Bloomberg terminal China is said to delay its deity probe result after officials object will be following that for you through the morning Right now S&P futures are up 30 points Dow futures up a 191 NASDAQ futures are higher by 130 points Straight ahead your latest local headlines plus a check of sports This is Bloomberg It's now 6 O 7 on Wall Street 47° in Central Park still dealing with that overturned tractor trailer on the New Jersey turnpike We'll get to the details and traffic First Michael Barr with more on what's going on in New York.

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