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During these challenging times. The governor also reported nearly 1200 new covert 19 cases today, he says many of those cases are linked to gatherings in private homes. Wednesday's time 5 44. Police say a man pushed a 73 year old woman onto subway tracks at a Brooklyn see station this afternoon after he got into an argument with woman's grandson, who had asked the man to stop smoking. Police officers pulled the woman back onto the platform before any trains arrived. She and her grandson were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. There have been no arrests. Homeless residents being sheltered at the Lucerne hotel on the upper West Side are staying put for now. After a judge blocked the city's plan to move them to the former Radisson Hotel on William Street in the financial district. He calls the judge's decision. A huge relief. Shams is among 240 men who, after two months on the Upper West Side, the city decided should be moved to lower Manhattan. Why would you take that away from us? Put us in a place where you just warehouses in a community that's already overwhelmed with Ah, homeless population. Shams blames the mayor, not upper one side neighbors for the plan to move them out. This is not the full of the community is that the four of project renewal and it definitely is not a full of the resident. The fate of these Lucerne residents will be decided at an emergency hearing November 16th al Jones 10 10 wins news. Our coverage will continue in Justin. Man on 10 10 wins Win Today's time 5 45 Hey, I'm Andy. I'm still not famous, but you might remember that I started Harry's because I was tired of overpaying for razors. It always felt like big brands were taking advantage of us. Every time they improve something back then prices seem to go up at Harry's..

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