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Raymond's gonna feel some sort of sense of responsibility for how that thing went down last weekend, and yet here they are competing yet again with a different style of play with a different group of guys and Fremont got into that and when talking about what to expect. From this team defensively coming in, and we'll get to that in just a SEC as well. But it really did feel like this is this is all. Steve Kerr. This is Steve Kerr, Ron Adams, Jarron Collins saying, Hey, you know, we're gonna focus defensively and if we could become a top 10 or now a top five and Steve Kerr said it there. We've proven over more than they are the first portion of the season a good chunk of it that we're one of the better defensive teams, if not the best one of the best. You know, you eliminate couple of defense of metric games and all of a sudden you're up there at the top, and everybody's dealing with Injuries. You know, Anthony Davis isn't up there for the Lakers, who were the number one team defensively in the embassy. So you know everybody's got their problems right now. But the Warriors who could be 20 and 13 and 18 and 15 think you're feeling pretty good about that. With the what? They got Four games left here before the end of the first half ago. Charlotte to get the Lakers they get Portland and they get Phoenix to wrap up next week. And then that's it, then a little break and you come on back to try to wrap up this season with the second half, so One more from Steve Kerr here talking about for Avon Green making plays this was, you know, hit the lot on dream on, And it's not just because you know Steph did have 24 last night. It wasn't a fantastic shooting night. By any stretch. Dave wants to point out again, one for 11 from three point land. He just did it again. He hung up the one via from the control room over there. She's looking at me anyway. Steve Kerr talking about Draymond green dream on after the game to you know, wasn't a Not like an incredible piece of sound to play. But in the back and forth as a reporter talking about his mind set on a play in which he earlier in the game, Domantas Sabonis kind of kind of fooled him on something, he said. Later in the game, he opted to leave him alone under the hoop because then he was able to protect himself from Myles Turner driving the lane. It's just the way dream on sees the game is different than almost anybody on the floor so we can crack jokes about the lack of scoring, but he's seeing things Nobody else has seen, Steve Kerr said. It was pretty apparent last night and dream on. Just ties it all together. I mean, he made some plays tonight that nobody on Earth can make just because of his brain. His anticipation his physicality. He dug out a loose ball late in the game that looked like you had no chance. That and Nobody else on Earth was gonna beat him to that loose fall. So pretty mom was just tremendous tonight and s. Oh, yeah. Elbow all of the grand. I went. Yeah, Hell over there is the grind out win. I like that. It's funny. I was just gonna get to this text on the cash group Text line. 650 check sentences in response to the Warriors, having kind of a grind it out style of play over the last few weeks, 65 owes his team's gonna have to come to the Grindhouse, like the Grizzlies used to be those who are unaware of the Grizzlies used to call their home arena. The Grindhouse. Yeah, the fans yet, Gasol, you got Conway, for my brother has seemed to be, don't you? My brother's like some my brother's like a random Grizzlies fan. If we get into that my brother is like he might be the only guy on the planet. There may not be a more like for gotten pointless franchise in the Memphis Grizzlies. My brother, no joke He's got like Memphis Grizzly gear and not just like current Memphis Grizzlies gear like you know, you know, they made that switch where they'd get that weird sort of cloudy, blue gray. Now that on It's kind of like you, Connie, but it's I don't know It's weird. It's not. It's not quite his Navy, but they used to be up in Vancouver. And they kind of had those cool like the PA with the geek. This guy's a talent, But I guess that's worth like a burger or chicken thing. Right. The talent you got the claws on the big bear pod and get the cool logo anyway. My brother like I'm pretty sure the reason it happened. Which is funny because I remember the last the last. Here we go with a little just jump off on on the Memphis Grizzlies because the Warriors are down there around number 19 ranked with them as far as offense If efficiency goes not as good on offense is there on defense, it all started cause I think my brother decided. Hey, the Grizzlies look like they're kind of an up and coming trendy team. You get these like pet teams. The problem was, he was only like nine. So he made his pet team his number one team at the time. He was nine years old. I guess he had never like many of us had never seen any of his team's win a world Syriza's a Super Bowl in NBA championship. Hey. Doesn't care as much about the NFL anyway, but I think he thought, boy, I'm never gonna get one with the Warriors. I better try to mitigate my waiting time here and jump ship and joined the Memphis Grizzlies. I remember him calling his shot which had crab Rudy gay and seemed to beat Mike Conley, Marcus all gonna have these guys. Zebo members Ebo, Zach Randolph. We're gonna have these guys banging in the Western Conference playoffs on our way to the finals appearance. And I mean, nobody is more frustrated about the Warriors championship run. Then my brother who jumped ship right before enjoying the Memphis Grizzlies bandwagon or lack thereof. You might be the only guy driving it right now. Anyway. Let's get into some of these great mom Green sound when we continue to laugh at my brother's fandom of the Memphis Grizzlies frame on after the game, talking about Steph Curry's Defense. You heard Steve could talk about it. Now everyone is focused right now on what he's done offensively well, they need him to step up on defense, too. He's been incredible when it comes to rebound on part of his body. Becoming more thick is the right side of my own. Gabe Kapler said that about Marco Luciano, showing up to spring training days he's thicker in his trunk. He's got a much thicker body..

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