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Just start talking about a certain landmark, you're like, I don't know the actual fact, but I got to commit so my my fourth day, I was like guys gonna love this the courthouse from back to the future and escape from with Kurt Rambis. And after the tour me is like, hey, man. It's actually Kurt Russell what I say goes, Kurt Rambis. And I was like he wasn't in an he's like play for the Lakers could be why would he be an escape from all people Squatty young Jews the starting lineup. And and had some eyewear. Algal Dumpson about the stories that would no longer amuse kind. When I was young. I grew up out here when I was young. I remember going on the Universal City tour, whatever. Yeah. And they're like, oh that that hill up there that hill up there was from Lawrence in Arabia, or whatever they film, they would use the they had the house from psycho. They use the backdrop the hills. And then they went on to tell a story them either true or not we're all delighted they had all the extras dress up as Roman soldiers come charging down the hill. And they filmed the whole thing and fired a pistol five hundred extras rundown thing, and they but they couldn't use it. Because one of the guy forgotten to take off his wristwatch have wrist, right? You know that sundial zone. And I remember nine year old being like endlessly. Oh my goodness. I shall share the story. Tell that to my kids. They've yeah. What's up, man? Go restaurants. Yeah. I heard you. So what kind of funny that they play for night? These this. I remember to this day. Why would I remember it? Very amusing test hails are not going to work. Right. And I mean, I can't speak for every tour guide, but I to make myself Levin, the driver would pull up alongside those bushes. That were right after jaaz you would pull it on jaws, by the way, made a young girl cry on my first week because I just graduated from UC acting school. And I was like I'm still I'm an actor this is an acting exercise. So I committed to the fake shark. Get back on the tram grows. Crying drivers like you got taken down on my life and pull around the corner. And they're these bushes on your way up to wisteria Lane's. It can be like Teri Hatcher used to give hand jobs right over there. And we pull up thing and I look over. And I go watch this like, oh, guys. You gotta stop Ted. Can you stop or quick get your cameras out? This is what I love about this tour. There's always little spots. The forget off dry. These bushes were in the film Bush's one. And the film the sequel Bush's to attack the bushes literally eighty nine percent of the train. See went out Pacino's like that's a lot of bushes. And these guys just got up, and they start taking these pictures. He's just like you wearing the name tags. All about movies. Like this guy did with that fact for you. And I probably have to believe whatever they and what to believe it. And I that was you know, forty two years ago, and I remember every bit of the story show, obviously, I repeated times, and I'm just saying I think kids will treat those stories like my son would treat an etch a sketch. Earn. Okay. There you go. Drink on it. All right. Let me say McGregor about Castrol edge stronger under pressure. It is the best. It's Castrol edge. It's made with fluid. Titanium technology is three times three times stronger against the then the leading full synthetic fiscus breakdown. It's Castrol edge. I got live shows everywhere you can go to Kurla dot com and find the live shows,.

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