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Newsradio nine twenty four seven minutes. Sixteen past six o'clock. It's Friday September the twenty eight th you know, that both the incumbent Gina Raimondo and also Allan Fung GOP candidate who won his primary. They're both kind of taken over the coals. If you will criticized for refusing to participate in debates during the primary now, the reason that Gina Raimondo decided she didn't want to debate Matt Brown. She said that the kind of ran a campaign that was for the lies but still despite that after she beat Brown Brown endorsed her. So, you know, you got the Democrats walking in lockstep there. That's not the case with Allan Fung GOP because the person who lost the primary there. That's Patricia Morgan she has yet to throw her support to anybody. There was some buzz out there. Now intelligence I was receiving from my ground sources told me that she was going to endorse Joe Trillo, she could still but right now as. As of right now, really no endorsement coming from Patricia Morgan. So the candidates got together last night at Roger Williams university. And it was hosted and moderated by eyewitness news. Tim white took the helm from target twelve. Also, Tennessee was asking questions to and I'll tell you. This thing was firing. And I don't know if it was because you know, Romando and Fung had all this Kent up, you know, energy after biffing, you know, primary debates, I don't know. But of course, this is round two for them. It's round one for Joe Trillo against them as an independent. But this thing it it came flying out of the gate, and it's sustained. I was surprised. So the candidates got together, they Spar, it's fiery, and here's Caroline Goggin. From eyewitness news..

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