Colombia, Norwegian Refugee Council, Keith Peters discussed on Hugh Hewitt


The crisis continues to develop in Colombia the head of the Norwegian refugee council is urging the international community to help Colombia responded the influx of migrants from neighboring Venezuela John Eklund says he's concerned about a dangerous mix of escalating violence within Colombia combined with the arrival of thousands of migrants over four point five million Venezuelans have fled their nation's economic and humanitarian crisis in recent years with nearly two million arriving in neighboring Colombia which is struggling to provide them food shelter and social services Keith Peters reporting the most senior Catholic to be convicted of child sex abuse took his appeal to Australia's highest court Wednesday in potentially his last bid to clear his name part of George bell was sentenced a year ago to six years in prison for molesting two thirteen year old choir boys no more St Patrick's cathedral while he was the city's archbishop in the late nineties seven judges are hearing his case over two days this is Donald are calm business of sport is beginning to be affected by the coronavirus see NBA NHL Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer our closing access to locker rooms and club houses to all nonessential personnel in response to the recent outbreak the league said they made the decision after consultation with infectious disease and public health experts the changes will be temporary and media will still have access to players rounder roster reporting to avail teams have suggested changes to game officiating including a sky judging allies by colleges among seven rules proposals that will be presented to team owners later this month also proposed is revamping overtime to.

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