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Do I think that. The capture spheres are more of a major type, thing or a warrior type thing. I would instinctively same age. I'm going to go with the ones six watts. Because that's what boots thinks. The capture spheres are. A moment later you are stunningly holding a long thin piece of. With a courts crystal sticking out of the top of it. The folk wraps around it lightly Kerr like gently wraps around the crystal, securing it in place. You're currently holding the OAKMONT. Seriously can you stop stealing my stuff? Not a fight with autre. The whole. You're lucky. You're silvers friends. This may go poorly for you elsewhere as Let this. Be a lesson to you the. And he holds out his hand expectantly, waiting for you to give his want back. I don't think you understand that it's a one. Because you're you. I understand that is valuable and I. Hold it in my hands like I'm ready to snap into. Quick. GECK's. Charge! Out of his hand. Are you going to try to break the wand before you take a hit? Or what are you trying to do? What are you? What's your plan here? Plant here? But I. Don't have any actions left so. Oh, nevermind. Yeah, fuck, you just have to dodge never mind okay. Like I've got you. I've got your wooden. Stick your precious woods at forty. I wrote good that time. So it's GonNa be more than forty. So. The as he hits me. And that means that boots is dead. Should should the beast make local to see if accidentally breaks the one? I mean yeah, absolutely. Do you try and like say tones out of actions to write or to Chateauneuf to another action left. Well, that depends to chateau gates to actions or one because he hasn't. been shoot on does indeed have. An action tone has lagged definitely bonded with you. Enough where I think the tone would be able to try and intervene. But. That's on you if if you think that would happen. Could Shatin like try to tackle out of the way, so that boots takes a wound to a different stat. Could certainly dry. That'd be like what. Yeah, it'd be agility. Like a check or opposed? Agility, check, please. Come, on Boy Savior Papas Life. Twelve! No. Should tone comes up in just kind of gets in the way and. I'll say that chateau one of the wounds as it tries to out of the way. Like father like son? Good Wow. Man. It's world brutal dude. Death. I don't know. I find it. I mean we had a nice. Clean tic-tac-toe. Want to also join the fight you know. Why would you do that dangerous? There again with my? Kids. Tim..

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